August 25, 2009

CRISIS ON EARTH-BLOG: Kenner's SUPER POWERS 25th Anniversary!

Welcome to CRISIS ON EARTH-BLOG!! I know that today a lot of Bat-Blog Readers are gonna kind of freak out a little bit because there are a lot of changes here, & a huge amount of posting going on, so please let me explain. Today, August 25th, 2009 the Bat-Blog has teamed-up with many other toy collector / comic book reader / superhero-type blogs to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Kenner's SUPER POWERS Action Figure line! Yes, oh man! I can't believe it's been 25 years...I now feel kinda old! So, all the posts today are gonna be total SUPER POWERS craziness!! But, to stay inside the Bat-Blog theme, everything here will be totally Batman-related, I promise. Of course we all know & love this special line of toys. They're Classic! In 1984 Kenner got the license from DC Comics to make a line of superhero action figures & it became an instant success! So much so that they even started to create other products bearing that name. They even did cartoons & had their own line of DC comic was crazy! Just to jog your memory is a photo showing most, if not all, of the figures in the series. Also, down below is a list of all the websites participating in this HUGE event that everybody decided to call "CRISIS ON EARTH-BLOG!!". Now, all the other websites will each do a set of feature stories, like here, where they will each focus on certain SUPER POWER action figures or characters. So, please be sure to visit the other websites on the list. In the next few posts we'll take you down memory lane to re-visit some childhood favorites. If you had these as a kid you'll remember them fondly ( I hope ). If you are way younger, & are totally unfamiluar with them, then you're about to be educated in coolness! Why? Because Kenner made one of the very BEST toy lines...EVER!!

The Aquaman Shrine - Aquaman!
Bat-Blog - Batman Characters!
Being Carter Hall - Hawkman!
SpeedForce - Flash!
Crimson Lightning - Flash!
Dispatches from the Arrow Cave - Green Arrow!
Love Dat Joker - The Joker!
Justice League Detroit!
Idol-Head of Diabolu - Martian Manhunter!
Doom Patrol Blog - Red Tornado!
Fortress of Baileytude - Superman!
Firestorm Fan Blog - Firestorm!
Once Upon A Geek - Dr. Fate, PLUS!!


The Clark Knight said...

very cool thanks for doing this!!1

Anonymous said...

Where's the Clark Kent figure?

deaconnecessary said...

Thanks, Tommy!
I bought all that stuff when it came out back in the day!
Has it really been 25 years?

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Anonymous - Great memory about the mail-away Clark Kent figure! It gets mentioned over on the Superman-related post of the crossover.

Great job Tommy on the Batman coverage!

The Irredeemable Shag

CKLNI said...

Hey, I just found this blog and it's great! BTW, I was wondering, do you have a higher res version of that first 'crisis logo' pic in this post? I'm a HUGE Jose-Luis Garcia Lopez fan and that's definitely his work there. If so, maybe you could post it. Thanks!