August 16, 2009

Batman Parody Cover For Punk Underground Comic Book Inspired by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

I know that some readers of this blog might not know who Ed "Big Daddy" Roth is. He was a famous hot rod car model guy / customizer / graphic artist. He created a character called "Rat Fink" who is an icon for hot rod enthusiasts all over the world. He has a very distinct art style & many people love his work. One such person, who was totally inspired by him, is our friend Devlin. Devlin manages a cool retro-toys comic book shop in Athens, GA called "Bizarro-Wuxtry". I have never been there but have seen a lot of pictures of the's awesome! Well, Devlin drew the cover for an underground comic book titled BAD TRIP #4, which came out in 1994. Looking at it you can totally see the "Big Daddy" influence & Devlin's artwork is incredible!! Just click on it for a larger version, it's GREAT! I wanna thank Devlin for sending this in to us. You ROCK, Sir!

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