January 20, 2009

Costume Photo: Holy Kodak Moment, Batman!

I love when people send personal photo expressing their love or respect of the Batman superhero character. It seems I have been getting a lot of those lately so that's great, keep 'em coming! This one is from a Bat-Blog Reader named Bill. His e-mail explains it a lot better than I can so here we go, "My name is Bill from Tyler, Texas. I am a lifelong BATFAN and collector. (Love your site!) I am also a Catholic Deacon. In October, my diocese held a Youth Ministry Rally called "Holy Households, Batman!" I spent an entire Saturday teaching and preaching to the kids dressed in my bat-suit! I was aided in this task by Robin and Catwoman. A photo of the Dark Deacon was sent to me, and I am passing it on. Holy Kodak Moment, Batman!" Wow Bill! The costume is awesome! Of course it's the 1966 TV Adam West version...very very cool! The Cowl, Cape, Gloves, Bat-Belt, Everything, looks extremely well done. I guess I need to explain the "black boxes" on people's faces though. That's just to respect the privacy of the people at the event. I don't mean anything by it except that & really the main focus of the photo is the super-great costume. Thanks again for sending the pic, very cool.

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Bubbashelby said...

That is one cool Deacon!