August 31, 2008

THE RED CROSS: Please Donate Today!

Readers of this blog know that I never get political or anything like that but I would like to take a moment to please ask everyone who reads this to please donate to the American Red Cross. Right now, as I write this, a major storm named Hurricane Gustav is heading straight toward New Orleans. We all know that there will be a great need for fresh water, food, medicine, & other emergency services. The American Red Cross will be there to help but they need our support. Please donate whatever amount of money you can spare, every little bit helps. The website is & their phone number is 1-800-RED-CROSS. Thank You. Here's a link button:
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The Top 10 Riddler Riddles ??????????????????

Here's a video that showcases the TOP TEN RIDDLER RIDDLES from Frank Gorshin's Riddler character on the 1966 Batman TV Show, enjoy!

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Artist Eric Maruscak Creates Batman Mural with Chalk!

If you go to a lot of comic book conventions then you might have been lucky enough to view the "mural" artwork of Eric Maruscak in person. Eric creates HUGE works of art, in chalk, on the sidewalks near many events. The photo up above shows one he did recently. It features The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, & Ironman. He did this both for the love of the characters & to celebrate the fact that there has finally been some really great movies this year. OK, I haven't seen the Indiana Jones movie yet but I can say that Ironman was pretty awesome! And of course you know that I love TDK, ha ha! I'm curious if any other readers have seen this guy's work. If so then please comment down below. Also, if you shot any photos of his stuff then please send it in to us, our e-mail button is always on the top right-hand side of this page, thanks.

THE DARK KNIGHT: Magazine Publishers Go Batty!

In both July & August almost every single magazine on the newsstand had Batman and/or the Joker on the cover! It seemed like every magazine publisher in the world wanted to capitalize on the success of The Dark Knight movie. Who could blame them? This film has a lot of fans! Here's just a very small example of some of the cool magazine covers featuring TDK. If you have any Batman magazine covers to share, old or new, then please send them in.

August 30, 2008

Batman at The San Diego Comic Con 2008

Two friends of the Bat-Blog were kind enough to share some photos from the SDCC 2008. The 1st one, from Barry, is a HUGE vinyl banner advertising the new BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD animated series that's gonna come out soon on The Cartoon Network. This was attached to a hotel near the event...sweet! The 2nd & 3rd photos were sent in to us by Brian. They show a large life-size statue of The Dark Knight & a Bat-Fan in Costume walking the halls of the Convention Center. It looks like he bought a bunch of bat-merchandise too, ha ha! I wanna thank Barry & Brian for sending these cool pics, I appreciate that! If any other Bat-Blog Readers went to the convention & got some pics, then please send them in to us!!

THE DARK KNIGHT New Batman Movie Merchandise

While surfing the internet recently I came across a new company that is kind of progressive & making a few very interesting pieces of Batman-Memorabilia. Actually, they are electronic products that are a tie-in to the DARK KNIGHT movie. The first, & most interesting, item is a Batman AM/FM Clock Radio. It has a projector on the side that you can adjust at different angles & it shoots a "Batman Logo" Bat-Signal on the ceiling or wall. The front, with the neat knobs, has an almost art deco 1930's design but the shape of the case & the digital numbers kinda looks 1970's...a weird hybrid of design but very cool! The next item is a stylish Batman Ghetto Blaster Radio. It looks like it also plays CDs, that's nice. The last item is a Batman Clip-On Digital Camera. There are 2 different styles. One with the TDK Bat-Logo ( shown here ) & another with the graphic of Batman ( not shown ). These electronic products are made by a company called Digital Blue. If you're interesting in all the specs for these devices I have included a link button down below:
CLICK HERE To Visit The Official DIGITAL BLUE Website!

Vintage BATMAN Golden Age Comic Book #56

Every now & then we just post a Vintage Golden Age ( or Silver ) Batman Comic Book Cover...because it's cool! I like the catch-phrase on here that says, "RIDE, BAT-HOMBRE, RIDE!". The advertising on the back cover is kinda neat too, those shoes called "The Texan" are pretty stylish even by today's standards! Please be sure to click on the small picture up above for a larger, more detailed, version.

August 29, 2008


Here at the Bat-Blog we have been trying to keep everybody informed about the new LEGO BATMAN: THE VIDEO GAME. The other day we showed a new character, Batgirl. Today another Bat-Family member has appeared...ALFRED, The Wayne Manor Butler! Here's a neat video of some actual game play showing him in action...enjoy!

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Yesterday I was running around town with my Sister & we hit a Target Store. When we walked in, right near the front of the store, they have an area that I call "The Dollar Store" area. Somehow I happened to look down while we passed it & instantly saw the Batman Bat-Symbol, ha ha! I'm like, "Wow, they have some Batman stuff!" We dug around & found all this neat Batman Memorabilia that is the "Comic Book" version & not the movie: 1 Light-Up Yo-Yo, 1 Package of 6 Push Pencils, 1 Package with 2 Barrel Pens, another Pack with 6 Pens, a Package of Temporary Tattoos, 2 Memo Notepads ( they have magnets on the back to attach on your refrigerator ), & 2 pair of toddler-size Batman Socks! I got all this neat stuff for less than 10 bucks. Later that day I had to go back to Target & went to another store. They had a Notebook Tablet with cool graphics on the front & another set of Barrel Pens that were different. If you're gonna hunt this stuff down just remember that it's near the front of the store & NOT the school supply area.

Baby Batman To The Rescue!

"Who's the cutest little Batman in all the world? You are! Yes, You are!", ha ha! The Bat-Blog has a MySpace page that we use for promotional purposes. I call it my "propaganda"! While surfing there the other day I came across this photo of an adorable little kid dressed like Batman. It's one of those small child-size Halloween Costumes that are kinda neat. I knew instantly that I had to contact the person who owned that page & beg them if I could post it here. He's a cute kid & seeing him dressed up like Batman is kinda funny! They were extremely cool about it & said, "Yes, please do". So, here's a photo of the cutest kid to ever dress-up as the Dark Knight...Baby Batman! Oh yeah, one last thing, if you have a MySpace page please send us a friend request & maybe place a Bat-Blog Banner on your page. The link button is on the top right-hand side of the page.

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August 28, 2008

BATMAN "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" on Thursday!!

This is kinda sad, ha ha! Last week, and this week too, I forgot to post the 2 BATMAN DESKTOP WALLPAPERS we do every single Wednesday! That's the day we call "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" and lately I have been on such a weird sleeping schedule that both times I totally forgot, sorry. So, yet again here they are on Thursday, ha ha! I usually post 2 but I'm doing 3 just to make up for my mistake. The 1st two are new backgrounds that are from the Official DC Comics website. Right now they are kinda hyping the BATMAN: RIP storyline. They have some amazing artwork by Alex Ross. He has a painterly-style that is very hyper-realistic, very cool! The 3rd wallpaper is totally random. I used a vintage black & white pin-up photo that I found of Yvonne Craig. Of course we all know her as the actress who played Barbara Gordon / Batgirl in the 1966 Batman TV Series...MEOW! I hope you can find a place in your heart to forgive me.
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In the late 1970's a show promoter named Rodger Hess promoted a little kid's live-concert-type show called BUGS BUNNY MEETS THE SUPER-HEROES! It was sort of like the Ice Capades, where cartoon characters come to life & entertain children. The show featured live actors wearing costumes like Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, Joker, Riddler, Catwoman, The Penguin, & many more. The photos up above show the front/back of one of the show's programs. It looked like a really neat event & one that I have never heard of! The program has a logo for The DOME in Brighton. That's in the UK so maybe it never came to the US. Anyway, I saw this amazing piece of Bat-History at my friend Brian's website. He has a page called THE PLAID STALLIONS where he pokes fun at pop culture from the 70's. He covers a lot of vintage toys & I really enjoy it. Here's a link button to visit his site but please remember to BOOKMARK the Bat-Blog before ya go!!
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New BAT-MANGA BOOK : Deb Aoki Interview with Chip Kidd and Saul Ferris

Everybody knows how I am totally goo-goo over the soon-to-be-released BAT-MANGA: THE SECRET HISTORY OF BATMAN IN JAPAN Book. Well, a Manga-Reporter named Deb Aoki did a really great interview with the authors Chip Kidd & Saul Ferris. Chip Kidd is mainly known as a book designer but is also a major Bat-Fan. Saul Ferris is a totally obsessed Vintage Japanese Batman Toy Collector! I actually kinda-sorta know Saul & he's a really nice guy. He's one of those super-rich toy collectors who buy a lot of expensive collectibles but he's also very down-to-earth so it's hard to hate him, ha ha. I hope what I just said doesn't make him sound bad, ha ha, I guess I'm just jealous ( I'm poor ). He has an incredible Batman Toy collection, seriously. Be sure to click the link button down below for a very well done interview.
CLICK HERE To Visit The Official ABOUT.COM Website To Read The Deb Aoki Interview with Chip Kidd and Saul Ferris' BAT-MANGA BOOK!

August 27, 2008


As regular readers of the Bat-Blog know we are always having contests for cool Batman memorabilia, both old & new! Our latest was for a brand-new copy of THE ESSENTIAL BATMAN ENCYCLOPEDIA. This is a really great book that all Bat-Fans would love to have. I have a copy in my personal collection & enjoy reading it all the time. It's jam-packed with tons of very detailed information & wonderful pictures. This book was our recent Bat-Blog Contest prize that ended on August 26th, 2008. The winner's name was drawn at midnight & we're announcing the winner right now. The winner, of this awesome ESSENTIAL BATMAN ENCYCLOPEDIA book, is... AARON B. of FONTANA, CALIFORNIA!! Aaron, congratulations! I am sending you an e-mail later to confirm your correct address so be sure to look out for that. After confirmation this book will be carefully mailed to you for free. I know that you're gonna love it, it's really great! To everybody else who entered I'm sorry you didn't win but remember that here at the Bat-Blog we're always having great contests so maybe next time!


Yes, you read the title correctly...BATMAN PURIFIED WATER!! A friend to the Bat-Blog, named Todd, sent me this photo of a bottle of Batman Water, ha ha! At first I thought it was a joke, maybe something some fan had made, just because it seems kinda ridiculous! I wrote Todd back & asked, "Is this thing real or a joke?" Ha Ha, he wrote back, "No, it's real! I bought it a Toys R US about a month ago". As an obsessed Batman collector I really love wacky stuff like this, the crazier, the better. I like that they used JIM LEE artwork for the label, that's cool. A lot of companies, all the time, are trying to capitalize on the success of this character & sometimes they have some wacky-crazy ideas. Todd later told me he writes a website called SUPERHERO FOOD where he showcases his collection of superhero-related food items. Memorabilia like Superman Peanut Butter, Spiderman Cereal, Teen Titans Popsicles, etc...I told him that I have been there before & it's a favorite site of mine. I also like to collect this kind of stuff but keep my collection down to mainly Batman items. I have been trying to link to his site here but there's been problems. Once it's avaliable again I'll add a link, sorry.

Life-Size Batman Statue Made From Lego Bricks!!

A friend to the Bat-Blog, named Brian, sent us this really nice set of photos shot at a Toys-R-US toy store. At one time this toy store chain, at certain locations, would have a Life-Size Batman Statue on display! Of course, it was a promotional gimmick for the new Batman Lego Toy Sets. Brian wrote, "I got my picture taken with a life size Lego Batman back in January ( You can also see my two sons with him ). To kinda give you an Idea how big Batman was I am 6 foot 4"! ( Batman was on a podium ). Toys R US had it and if you guessed how many bricks it took to build it you got a prize." Ha Ha, Thanks for sharing the story & the wonderful photos with us Brian. When you guys walked into the toy store that day, & saw this, you all must have freaked out!! I've seen this thing in real-life & yeah, it's crazy! I wonder if anybody guessed the right amount of bricks? Thanks again for sending the awesome pics, I wanna invite ALL other Bat-Blog Readers with cool stuff like this to send it in!

August 26, 2008

DC DIRECT 10th Anniversary BATMAN & JOKER Action Figures SDCC 2008 Exclusives

If you were lucky enough to go to the last San Diego Comic Con 2008 then you could have bought these 2 Exclusive Action Figures of BATMAN & The JOKER. SDCC always has some special toys you can only get there. I really like these. It's the modern-day comic book version of Batman & The Joker looks completely CRAZY. The packaging is really cool too, a nice set.

HOT TOYS New Figure JOKER BANK ROBBER Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight Movie

HOT TOYS will soon release a new figure for their line of THE DARK KNIGHT Batman movie 11" dolls called JOKER BANK ROBBER. The details to this piece are INSANE! Of course it's the Heath Ledger version & the head mold is dead-on perfect. I mean, it looks EXACTLY like him! Accessories include: Duffle Bag with Grenades & Smoke Bombs, 2 Interchangeable Joker Heads ( one with the hair made for the mask, one without ), a Clown Goon Mask, 4 Interchangeable Hands, Playing Cards, Stack of Money, Doll Display Stand, & 2 Weapons ( Sub-Machine Gun & Handgun ). The clothing is also extremely detailed, a nice piece!

August 25, 2008

Dark Knight PSA: Appreciating Other Cultures

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DARK KNIGHT PSA : Heavy Lifting!

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DARK KNIGHT PSA : UV Protection!

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DARK KNIGHT PSA : Taking Time for Play!

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The Bat-Blog has a MySpace page we use to help promote the Bat-Blog. It's a great way to keep in contact with readers & find new ones. At that page people send me a lot of funny Batman pictures. Here are 2 recent examples: The 1st one is a "Behind The Scenes" photo, which I really love, showing the film crew filming the classic "Exploding Shark" scene from the classic 1960's Batman Movie. I can hear Adam West saying, "Quick Robin, Bring me the Shark-Repellent Spray!", ha ha! If you look closely you can see the guy holding the bottom of the fake shark, pretty funny! Oh I'm sorry, this was a real shark, yeah, not fake. The next photo is sort of like a comic strip but done with pictures from the Dark Knight Batman movie. It's making fun of the "Joker Interrogation" scene...I love the expression on Heath Ledger's face in the last panel like he's thinking, "Yeah, right!", hilarious!
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