November 28, 2008

Cute Kid as Heath Ledger's JOKER from the Dark Knight Batman Movie!

"WHY SO SERIOUS?!" The other day I received an e-mail from a Bat-Blog Reader named Joey. He wrote, "My daughter Robin recently went to a party and there was a face painter. She had her share of girly face painting and she proved to be a FREAK! LIKE ME!". Ha Ha! Thanks Joey. Your daughter looks great with this very cool Joker make-up. I almost thought it was actually Heath Ledger for a second...ha ha, just kidding. But seriously, it's wonderful that such a great kid can be a HUGE Batman Fan like her father...that's awesome! Thank you for sharing this story & photo with my readers. I know they will get a really big kick out of it, it's very cool.

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Bubbashelby said...

Awesome! She looks great, the face painter did a great job!