October 3, 2008

Batman Food Products Past and Present

One aspect of collecting Batman Memorabilia that I really enjoy are the wacky food products that companies come out with. I almost always love the design of the packaging to these items & a perfect example is the BATMAN GUMMY-BAT that is in stores now. Basically it's a HUGE gummy bear candy that is in the shape of a real-life flying bat ( yeah, very weird ). Now, the only place I have seen this so far is Toys-R-Us but it really cracks me up! The next example is a vintage ad from 1996. Back then if you bought Eskimo Pie Ice Cream or Welch's Fruit Juice Bars then you could have got 2 Batman & Robin: Animated Series Trading Cards, there were 12 to collect. ( Thanks to Mike for sending this cool photo ). So, I'm wondering... What other "Batman Food Products" are out there? If you have something like this in your collection then please send a photo today!


Anonymous said...

I have the Eskimo Pie cards and I also have a 2'x3' poster with die cut slots that hold the cards. The poster has the image of Batman and Robin like on the ad. I will send a photo later of the poster.

Unknown said...

I saw the gummy bats in toys r us and wegmans...they make no sense to me. They should've just made the characters or a batarang..who wants to eat a bat? lol

ozz said...

I just hope the gummy bat doesn't actually taste like bat!