August 11, 2008

Custom TUMBLER BATMOBILE Replica Car Handmade by Bob Dullam

WOW! Here's an amazing set of photos showing a real-life TUMBLER BATMOBILE that was handmade by Bob Dullam. He is a super Batman Fan with wayyy too much talent! Oh and you read that right, he really made this car all by himself... in his garage! It's a total replica of the Tumbler Batmobile from both the Batman Begins & The Dark Knight Batman movies. The detailing is totally insane! When a replica car looks this good I'm not the kind of person to nick-pick over tiny details. It looks really really GREAT to me! Also, the car actually drives! Could you imagine the looks you would get going down the highway!!? I'm not sure if it would be "legal" or not, but who cares! Bob works in the Hollywood industry fabricating props & costumes. He works with a partner named Bob Causey who is also extremely talented. Here's a link to their website & when there please be sure to check out their "Gallery", it's crazy!! But, I'm gonna warn you now. You're gonna see a ton of super-cool stuff that you can never afford to buy so prepare to be tortured, ha ha!
CLICK HERE To Visit The Official DULLAM-CAUSEY Website!

1 comment:

ozz said...

Talent? No doubt about it.

Time and money? A couple essential components that can't be overlooked.

Excellent work on the part of that guy!