July 30, 2008

Video: Every Original BATMAN Comic Book Cover From #1 To Current Day!!

Here's a video, that as soon as I saw it, I knew it was worthy of posting at the Bat-Blog, ha ha! It's sort of a video montage showing all the original Batman Comic Book Covers from the very 1st "Golden Age" Issue all the way until the more recent Batman #671. It's really neat to see how the cover design elements have changed over the years, especially the logo...check it out!!

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1 comment:

ozz said...

Did anyone count to make sure they were all there? Ha!

Yeah, the evolution from simplicity to complexity is cool to watch.

Too bad the images went by so quickly, but it's already a pretty long vid, so that is understandable.

Aside from the logo, one of the most interesting cover element changes over the years has been...

...the price!