July 10, 2008

Photos: RARE Old Vintage Batman Collectibles & Memorabilia!!

No offense, but I'm kinda tired of reporting on THE DARK KNIGHT movie, ha ha. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally excited about it being released soon & completely love it but as a writer for this blog I have to really really really cover it...a lot! So, I thought I would post some wonderful vintage toys from the past. Here...we...GO! The 1st photo is an extremely RARE ( & also very weird ) item called the 1966 BATMAN BAT-GRENADE. It's a rubber hand grenade toy you throw & when the end of it hits the ground it make a loud POP sound. It makes that sound because you take cap-gun ammo & load it into the mechanism on the top end. When it hits the ground, it goes off, BAAMMM! The weird thing is that the grenade has wings, ha ha. But I seriously love the vintage graphics on the display card...nice! The next item is newer but still pretty hard to find, especially in the original box. It's the 1989 BATMAN MOVIE ELECTRONIC LCD HAND HELD VIDEO GAME made by Grandstand. The reason it's RARE ( for American collectors anyway ) is that it was issued in the UK. The game play on these things were usually very weak but they still have a nice charm from a bygone era! The 3rd photo is a super cute & kinda goofy Batman item, it's the BATMAN SUPER BABY DOLL in original box! This was made by Amsco in the 1970's, 1974 to be exact. They also made a Superman & Wonder Woman doll as well. So, I hope you have enjoyed some of these super-rare pieces of Batman Memorabilia. If you have ANY photos you would like to share then please send them in today! Our e-mail button is always at the top right-hand side of this blog.


synthicide said...

that bat grenade is amazing.

ozz said...

That's amusing how the Batman has his name inside the Batlogo. As if we didn't know who he is!