May 5, 2008

US Senator Patrick Leahy in The New DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie Trailer!

I've watched the new Dark Knight Batman #2 Movie Trailer about 100 times recently, ha ha! I was wondering, did anyone else notice during the scene with the Joker & his goons crashing Bruce Wayne's dinner party at his penthouse that the "real life" United States Senator from Vermont (D) Patrick Leahy is in the crowd? Yep, he's a HUGE Batman Fan & he got himself a guest spot in the film, pretty cool huh?! He was also in Batman & Robin with George Clooney.


Anonymous said...

OoOoOoo! Where was he in Batman and Robin?

Tommy! said...

The funny thing is that he was in another "party scene". It's been a very long time since I saw the movie so I can't remember the exact location within the film but there was a party event, maybe at a museum opening or something.