May 20, 2008

A Nice Assortment of Vintage 1960's Batman Toys & Memorabilia!

Include here, for your viewing pleasure, are 4 extremely cool pieces of Batman Memorabilia from the 60's! The 1st photo is of a very hard-to-find BATMAN and ROBIN BEACH TOWEL. It features a picture of the Dynamic Duo racing along in their famous Batmobile. I don't have one of these in my personal collection but would kill for it, ha ha! The next item is pretty RARE also. It's a Plastic BATMAN FRISBEE with a large sticker that has some wonderful vintage graphics. The 3rd item is a SPARKLE PAINTS Paint Kit made by Kenner. Basically it's a Paint-By-Number Kit with special "glitter paint", snazzy! Next, we have a very cool BATMAN FORK & SPOON Set that is still attached to the vintage display card. The graphics on the card are awesome, especially with the old logo. If you look closely both the spoon & fork have a "Batman Name & Figure" each embossed on the handle, nice! The Bat-Blog is known for displaying Vintage Batman Toys so if you have some photos/information of RARE Batman-Memorabilia to share then please send it in!


chunky B said...

You know if I had that spoon and fork I would still be using them today with every meal!

ozz said...

The towel would make a pretty cool wall hanging.