March 27, 2008

Vintage 1960's Batman & Robin Artwork By Carmine Infantino Inspires Comic Book Covers!

The first image shown in this post is an icon in comic book history. This graphic of Batman & Robin posing on the edge of a Gotham City rooftop is super-famous. It was created by the Silver-Age comic book artist Carmine Infantino. It has been made into a Poster, a Vinyl Placemat, a Jigsaw Puzzle, graphics for a Batman Board Game, and it has even been a source of inspiration to many later comic book artists while doing a comic book cover, sort of an homage. The next few photos are just some examples. I have always thought this is a really great image & thought you might like these random covers, they're both cool & kinda funny. If you know of some others then please submit them by e-mail. Also, leave a comment & let us know which one you like the best.


Bubbashelby said...

I have that issue of Captain Atom (I used to pick up all the Batman cameos back in those days) - I never knew it was an homage - thanks for the info!

Tommy! said...

Yeah, I think these are kinda cool. There's one of The Simpsons Comics with an homage cover like this...I'll have to find it later.