March 4, 2008

Please Help The Bat-Blog Spread The Word!

on your MySpace Layout, Blog Page, or Webpage.
Just copy the code below and paste it!

You might have noticed a new design at the Bat-Blog today, ha ha! OK, it's kinda radical but expect some more changes soon. We're always striving you bring you the best content & delivering it in the best way possible. What we're asking all our loyal readers to do today is "Please help spread the word about the Bat-Blog"! If you're a member of any Message Board please do a post mentioning this site, with a link. If you have a blog or website then please put a banner graphic or link button on your page. If you have a MySpace page then please send a bulletin to all your friends or add a banner to your layout....anything that will work. Our goal is to have 1000 readers a day & we're soooo close. Thank you!! If you need ANY graphics at all or if you need help on how to do it, please ask.

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