January 24, 2008

Katie Holmes Talks About Having No Regrets "Giving Up" The Dark Knight Rachel Role for "Mad Money" Movie. Yeah, Right!

At the MTV Movie Blog they have a video clip from a recent interview by Shawn Adler with Katie Holmes. He asks her if she has any regrets giving up The Dark Knight for "Mad Money" ( a bank heist comedy with Queen Lateefa & Diane Keaton ) and she replies, " Not at all. I had a great experience working with Christopher Nolan & she's sure it will be uh, a great movie and I chose to do this movie...". You can see the interview at MTV Movie Blog, click the icon below. Please let us know what YOU think.
CLICK HERE To see the interview with Katie Holmes at the MTV Movie Blog!!

1 comment:

ozz said...

I'm going to skip the interview, but I'll add that I have no regrets about Katie giving up the role either!