December 21, 2007

Batman CUSTOM BATMOBILE: 1965 Shelby Cobra Roadster Race Car

Here's a very beautiful car that was offered on eBay recently. It's a customized 1965 Cobra Shelby Roadster Race Car! The weird thing is that it didn't receive any bids. What the hell?! The starting bid was only $35,000 which I think is a total steal. If you're interested in this car you should keep an eye on eBay because I bet he puts it back on. His name is LIFE_SIZE_FIGURES. I think he got his name from the comic book character manikins you see in the 1st photo because he sells those too. He has a Joker, Poison Ivy, & Wonder Woman that are all life-size. Also, look at that kid in the photo, ha ha! He has an expression on his face like he's totally surprised & shocked....funny!

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