February 22, 2007

DC SUPER FRIENDS Mattel TOY FAIR 2007 Baby Batman!!

OK, I gotta admit that when companies re-license their work in the form of babies it gets on my last nerve ( Muppet Babies & Baby Snoopy come to mind ) but these DC SUPER FRIENDS are sooooo adorable! Yes they are, who's the cutiest widdle superheroes ever? You are, Yes you are! Mattel released images of a new line of toys coming out in 2007 at the recent NY Toy Fair. They are DC Comic Book character action figures & accessories that look super-cute: like Batman, Aquaman, Superman, Flash, etc are little kids. I think the Baby-Batmobile is the most adorable thing ever, yes I do...who's the cutest little car, you are! Yes, you are! Goo Goo.

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