January 15, 2007

New 2007 Mattel HOT WHEELS BATMOBILE Car 1966 TV Show Series Version

Finally! Mattel has released some actual photos of the highly anticipated release of the 2007 Hot Wheels 1966 TV SERIES BATMOBILE CAR!! This is the car for the 66 BATMAN TV Show starrring Adam West & Burt Ward with series car designed by George Barris. Here's 2 photos showing both sides of this small scale Hot Wheels car. Mattel is also gonna release 2 other sizes later, sort of a medium version which will be the size of a Corgi Toy car & a large scale version that is suppose to be very highly-detailed. You can find more information on this diecast toy car in our BAT-BLOG ARCHIVE. The main thing right here is just the photo!!

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Thug E. Fresh said...

I've got 4 of these myself and they are NICE. All MOC.