February 17, 2016

#BATMAN TOY NEWS - DC Collectibles Reveals New Action Figures & Statues at #TOYFAIR 2016!

TOY FAIR 2016 is upon us, and DC Collectibles was there along with their latest batch of action figures and statues. 

In this exclusive clip, they reveal what they will have on display, including new DC Films Premium Action Figures, DC Comics Designer Series figures, a new wave of Batman: The Animated Series action figures (Love the BATWING!), a pair of fresh DC Bombshells and much more!

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill Talk About BATMAN V SUPERMAN on Good Morning America #BvS

Actors Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill were recent guests on ABC's Good Morning America so they could talk a little bit about their new movie coming out, BATMAN V SUPERMAN.


Everybody's favorite toy company, Funko, has plans later in the year to release a brand-new toy line called "Rock Candy". These will be highly stylized versions of the "girl" superhero characters from the world of DC Comics. These figures are about 5" tall.

In the first wave it looks like they're gonna make two versions of Batgirl (I love the "Silver Age" one on the right), one Harley Quinn, one Supergirl, and two versions of Wonder Woman (Yes, the one on the left is the "Batman V Superman" movie version). 

Knowing Funko, I'm sure they're gonna go totally crazy with this and there will be MANY more characters. Stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG for more information once Funko releases it.

Nice Assortment of Funny #BATMAN Humor Memes

This post is basically an "image dump" where I share some funny "Batman" memes I have come across lately. Well, a couple of them are not actually funny but "interesting". Hey, you get the idea! Enjoy.

Also, Please remember to share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc... While you're at it, please tell people about the BAT-BLOG website as I am trying to build it back-up again, thanks!

Oh yeah, the baby doing "Armored Batman" Cosplay from the new BATMAN V SUPERMAN movie is totally cracking me UP!

February 16, 2016

New DC COLLECTIBLES Video Features Action Figures and Statues From 2016 TOY FAIR!

DC Collectibles just released this awesome video showing off some of their brand-new merchandise that they showcased at the recent 2016 TOY FAIR. 

There are a TON of Batman-related Action Figures, Vehicles, Toys, Marquette Figures, and Black and White Statues. 

Well, actually, there's way too much to list here, ha! Just give the video a quick watch. 

By the way, I gotta say that I totally love that Batman: The Animated Series BATWING!! Oh yeah, down below the video is a photo showing how HUGE it is, check out the scale!!

#BATGIRL READ - American Library Association's New PSA Poster!

The American Library Association just released a new READ Promotional Service Poster featuring BATGIRL!! You know, you don't have to steal one of these from your local library, you can buy one of them from their official website!

It's only $18.00 and measures about 22" x 34". They also have some special BOOKMARKS as well. Check 'em out!

To purchase, just CLICK HERE!

#BATMAN PEZ CANDY Dispenser and LOLLIPOP RINGS Spotted at CVS Stores!

WOO HOO! Here's a quick post to share this wonderful photo sent in by a BAT-BLOG Fan who recently hit his local CVS Drug Store and came across these fun new "Batman" items!!

First up, here's an individually-packaged PEZ CANDY Dispenser of BATMAN (They also made ones of Superman and Wonder Woman) and then, these 2 different packages of BATMAN Lollipop Rings, YUMMY!!

(Thanks Erik!)

New BATMAN V SUPERMAN MOVIE Collectibles To Keep an Eye Out For!

This post is gonna be a HUGE "image dump" where I'm gonna share a ton of photos of brand-new BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE merchandise. Why? Well, there's so much of it coming out that I'm going insane trying to keep-up with it all, ha!

First up is a favorite of mine, PEZ CANDY Dispensers in a boxed-set! Yes, there's Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman! These will also be sold individually packaged as well.

Then, from Buffalo Games, we get this cool 300 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle with really nice graphics!

EMPIRE Magazine has 2 different cover variations to collect!

HOT TOYS will be releasing some of their CosBaby Figures (I'm sure they will make more variations than just these two).

WIRED will be coming out with a really nice limited-edition BVS Watch!

SQUARE UNIX has this high-end "Armored Batman" Figure. They will be making more characters too, stay tuned for when we get some more pics you will be informed.

UNDER ARMOUR is gonna be creating some cool shirts to wear!

MATTEL is making a Batman "Voice Changer" Helmet!

And then last, but not least, Japan's KOTOBUKIYA will put out this "Batman Battling Superman" Statue!

Whew! OK, now listen! If you're out shopping and you come across ANY Batman merchandise, even the stuff not related to this movie, then please let us know, and if you can, please send us some pics! 

Remember: The BAT-BLOG is all about sharing the love of the character and the joys of collecting Batman!

New #DORITOS Packaging Featuring #BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie!

OK, some of you might be tired of all the BATMAN V SUPERMAN MERCHANDISE posts today, but you know what? That's too bad! Hey, I think this movie is gonna be great! At least I'm hoping so.

Anyways, I just wanted to share one more item that I came across while shopping for groceries last night, Doritios Nacho Cheese Chips!! 

Now, the Grocery Store I shopped at (Walmart) only had this one bag that featured "Batman" but I know they will show many more, probably one character on each of their different flavor varieties.

If anyone sees some more of these please send us some pics ;)

February 6, 2016

Turkish Airlines Has a New Airplane with #BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie Graphics!

Here's a quick post to share some fun "BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE" Movie News! In Turkey, it looks like Turkish Airlines is about to reveal a special "BvS Promotional" Jumbo Jet!! Oh man, this thing is so freakin' beautiful, ha ha!

New Custom #BATMAN POISON IVY Dodge Challenger!!

I have been meaning to post these photos for awhile. About a month or 2 ago I received a very nice letter from a girl in Florida named Syreeta. The pics got sort of lost in my old computer when it crashed and I just recently got them back. Also, I hope I spelled her name correctly, like I said, it was awhile back.

Anyways, she was very sweet and sent along a few photos of a car her friend (or maybe "Boyfriend"? Sorry, I forget) had customized with "Poison Ivy" Batman-themed graphics. 

Just check out the pics, this car is insanely beautiful!! I love the lime green and the hood graphic is sharp and clean.... nice job guys and thank you Syreeta!

#BATMAN JUNK ART - Metal Sculptures by Patrick Amiot!

OK, there is a Public "Batman" Art Sculpture in California that I recently became obsessed with (pictured up above). I knew it existed, but I wanted to find out who the Artist was who made it. 

Well, I found out that is name is Patrick Amiot and he not only did this Batman sculpture but a few more. He does amazing work! He takes metal and other "junk" then he converts them into totally whimsical characters. 

I mean, besides the Dark Knight he has also done Baseball Players, Crazy Bikers, Funny Dogs, Cute Fish, Birds, Cats, etc... wayyyy too much to list here! 

Hey, just check out his WEBSITE sometime and look at his Gallery page. You will be in for a real treat!

#BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie is Invading Grocery Stores! #BvS

On a recent trip to my friendly neighborhood grocery store I kept coming across movie tie-in merchandise for the upcoming BATMAN V SUPERMAN film! I guess some other people have been too because a Bat-Blog Fan sent us THIS photo of a Dr. Pepper Can Display that is a work of ART!

Well, here's what I saw. First, those BATMAN and SUPERMAN Cereal Boxes by General Mills were in the cereal isle (we reported about those a long time ago but I never saw them here where I live until recently). Here's some pics of the front/back of the Batman box (it's the only one I bought). 

The thing I love about the cereal packaging is that the front of the box does NOT have the word "Batman" (or "Superman"), they just have the logo.... that's actually kinda brave, from a graphic arts point of view. I mean, "Don't put the name of the product ON the product", that's pretty ballsy!

Then, down the way a little bit, Kellogg's had some BVS Fruit Snacks! Like the cereals there are 2 different boxes, one with Superman and the other with Batman. Sorry I don't have one of them pictured but I only bought the "Batman" one. The artwork on the front of the box is pretty awesome and there are some fun puzzles on the back!

Oh yeah, speaking of DR. PEPPER! They had a 12-pack case of Dr. Pepper with "Batman" on them (box shown down below). Yes, the entire box of regular Dr. Pepper is all "Batman" and if you want to collect the other 5 characters then you gotta buy all the other products. 

For example: Wonder Woman is Cherry Dr. Pepper, Superman is Diet Dr. Pepper, and so on. If you look at the photo of the box then you can see the whole list. 

Whoops, almost forgot to mention. DR. PEPPER has 2 special offers with their products that tie into the movie. First is a Fandango Movie Tickey Offer where you can get $5.00 off your ticket price when you purchase three "in the can" 12-packs or three 8-packs of 12 oz. bottles. 

Then, there are 5 digital comics which can be opened if you have the Blippar App on your smartphone. Wait, if you just wanna check them out right here, RIGHT NOW, then the BAT-BLOG has them for you to see down below... ENJOY!

Batman v Superman Prequel - Batman

Batman v Superman Prequel - Lois Lane

Batman v Superman Prequel - Senator Finch

Batman v Superman Prequel - Superman

Batman v Superman Prequel - Lex Luthor