February 27, 2013

PHOTOS of the CLASSIC 1966 BATMAN TV SERIES Rubie's Halloween Costumes

Here at the BAT-BLOG we reported about the license for the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series finally being open again and we listed a few major Toy Manufacturers, and other companies, who have plans to release totally brand-new merchandise relating to this TV show in 2013. One such company was Rubie's Costumes. 

Well, here is a prototype photo that has been leaked out showing their design ideas for Halloween Costumes of Batman (Adam West), Robin The Boy Wonder (Burt Ward), Batgirl (Yvonne Craig), Catwoman (Julie Newmar), The Riddler (Frank Gorshin), and even the Joker (Cesar Romero)!!! WOW! They actually look pretty good!

Breaking News - DESMOND IS BATMAN!!!

Our Super-Best Bat-Buddy, Desmond, is BATMAN!! No seriously, here's photographic proof! His Mom took this fun photo the other day when he was wearing his "Batman Costume" Snuggie Blanket. 

She said it's almost impossible to get him to take it off. Like, he totally lives in the thing, Ha Ha! Hey, who can blame him? It's COOL!!

VIDEO - Author Marc Tyler Nobleman on the Story of Batman's Secret Creator, Bill Finger

I randomly found this video by accident the other night and was surprised to see our friend Marc Tyler Nobleman giving a TED speech. Actually, I think this was an audition and we hope he gets to do a main lecture soon. Marc wrote a book we have hyped here at the BAT-BLOG a few times. It's all about the co-creator of Batman, a guy named Bill Finger. For many years Bob Kane took all the credit for creating the Dark Knight but serious fans all know that Mr. Finger played a very large role but receives no credit. This is sort of the main topic of this video.

Also, Here's a LINK to buy the book at 33% OFF! We highly suggest you get a copy, it's very well researched and fun to read.

Wacky BATMAN TOYS Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds

HEY KIDS! You know what time it is? It's "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday"! Yes, this week I thought I would create some Free BATMAN Wallpapers that sort of celebrate the fun of collecting Batman Toys. I mean, that is one of the main functions of this site.

One last thing, I want to ask everybody to please share the BAT-BLOG.COM on your favorite Social Networking site like Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!

CLICK HERE For More FREE BATMAN TOYS Wallpaper Backgrounds!

February 26, 2013


Oh man, I almost hate reporting on this but DC Comics, along with Comic Book Writer, Grant Morrison, have decided to KILL the latest "Robin, The Boy Wonder" character, named Damian Wayne. Shown down below is an EXCLUSIVE preview into the comic book, it's going to be in BATMAN INCORPORATED #8. This preview shows the 1st few comic book pages of the "Batman Inc." storyline.

For more information ( and an interview with Grant Morrison  ) please  be sure to visit the Los Angeles Times' HERO COMPLEX website.

Batman Incorporated No. 8 preview by New York Post

New 2013 Japanese Batman TAKARA TOMY BATMOBILE Toy Cars Out Now!

Over in Japan right now TAKARA TOMY has just released 2 brand-new BATMAN BATMOBILE TOYS CARS for their 2013 "Dream Tomica" Series. One is the Tumbler version from the recent DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY and the other is the Classic Car from the Tim Burton movies. These are starting to pop-up on evil eBay and I think they're 1:46 Scale???? Not sure, will have to research further. But either way they're pretty cool!


OK, If you live inside the USA then please don't waste your time trying to find this new Batman item at your local store. For Easter 2013, over in Brazil, Spain, the UK, maybe Germany, and other "foreign locations" they are coming out with a brand-new KINDER OVO (egg) Chocolate Treat that comes with a TOY PRIZE ( Looks like there are 4 to collect ) featuring characters from BATMAN: OS BRAVOS E DESTEMIDOS! 

Yes, the English translation is "BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD", ha! I wish I had a way to get some of these. Hopefully somebody there will be smart enough to post some on evil eBay. Plus, it's so cool that this animated TV Series is getting further life in another market.

New BATMAN TOYS - 2013 Matchbox Cars 3-Pack

Apparently, in stores right now, is this brand-new set of Batman Cars by Matchbox. The weird thing is they are not Batmobiles but regular vehicles with "customized paint jobs". They come in a special 3-Pack and are modeled after Mattel's own "Batman Brand". 

Also, Here's an interesting video, pretty well done, that was posted by a Diecast Car Toy Collector and in the clip we get to see these new Matchbox Toys both in the package and out.

February 24, 2013

A few Brand-New BATMAN UNLIMITED Action Figures To Keep An Eye Out For!!

The Bat-Blog.Com is a website we created mostly for extremely serious Batman Fans and Toy Collectors. So, we always try to report about new Toys and Collectibles that are either in stores right now, or should be coming soon. You know, to give you the heads-up! Well, here's a perfect example. Our Special Bat-Reporter Batmobilly just spotted these 2 cool new toys while shopping earlier today. 

Here are some brand-new BATMAN UNLIMITED Action Figures (Mattel) to keep an eye out for. One, of course is the Dark Knight ( Comic Book version ) and the Penguin. Batmobilly said there is also a new Catwoman too but he couldn't find one. Oh man, I totally love this "Penguin" figure. It completely reminds me of the Vintage 1980's Kenner's SUPER POWERS figure. I mean, not just his classic clothing but also that colorful "Umbrella Weapon" accessory, ha! 

(Thank You Batmobilly! )

VIDEO - INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US Video Game - Kevin Conroy, Voice of Batman

Here's a video covering the new INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US Video Game. This is the extended interview with the voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy. Listen to his full argument on who would win between Batman and Bane, and who would win between Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn.

New KILLER CROC 2013 DC Universe Hot Wheels Car by Mattel

Here's a quick post to share this nice pic sent in to us by our good buddy Batmobilly. While cruising through some of his local retail stores he spotted this brand-new 2013 DC Universe Hot Wheels Car by Mattel that is out now... KILLER CROC!! ( Thanks Batmobilly, you ROCK, Sir! )

February 23, 2013

BATMAN VIDEO - A Mother Gets a Surprise Visit From the JOKER at Her 80th Birthday Party!!

OK, We knew we had to share this super-fun Batman Video because it's really sweet. Our friend, Benjy Greenberg, surprised his Mother recently at her 80th Birthday Party. He came into the event dressed as the JOKER from the Classic 1966 TV Series, Cesar Romero-style! Her family and friends were all quite surprised too... WOW! what a fun thing to do! She looks like a nice lady and I bet this totally made her day. 

Happy Birthday Benjy's Mom!!


Awesome! Check it out, our good friend Ruben just got some cool bat-ink done. Yes, he got a HUGE Batman Tattoo on his upper arm. Thanks for sharing the photo Ruben, this tattoo looks great and it's total proof you're a serious Bat-Fan!!!

CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight and Joker!


OK, while watching BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS Animated Movie the other night (again!) I had a really great idea. Well, it could also be a very dumb idea too but here we go, check it out. You know the famous scene where the Joker is a special guest on "The David Endochrine" Late-Night TV Show? 

Well, I don't wanna give away any of the plot for the few people who have not seen it but the coffee mug that the Joker uses plays an important part in this scene and I think it would be a great idea for some company to actually make some of these mugs... I mean, serious Batman Fans would love them. What do you think?

February 22, 2013

THE FARM LEAGUE! New DC NATION Animated Series on the CARTOON NETWORK This Saturday, February 23rd

This week, The FARM LEAGUE is back!! This Saturday, February 23rd at 10:00 ET/PT, please be sure not to miss DC NATION on the Cartoon Network. 

Here is a sneak-peek trailer video and then down below are 2 FARM LEAGUE Wallpaper Backgrounds to brighten your desktop... enjoy!


OK, Just so this post is not confusing please follow me here. The 1st pic is an item that is out right now. In fact you can find them today at Target in their "Holiday" area. Here are 2 Funko Mini-Wacky Wobblers of Batman and The Joker. Yes, these are miniature-size versions of the larger nodders. Very cool! ( Thanks Franchi )

Next up are 2 brand-new Batman Toys that will be appearing later in 2013. These photos were taken at the 2013 TOY FAIR where Toy Companies share what they are releasing later this year. We have no exact release dates on these yet but stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG.COM and as soon as we know we'll spread the news. 

They do look pretty awesome though. One is a "Flying Heroes" Toy ( They also made one of Superman, not shown here ) and a 1966 BATMAN TV Show Mez-Itz Batmobile by Mezco... Sweet!!

OK, this last item was released recently during the Valentine's Day season. I'm sorry about being late with this but I literally just found out about it. Plus, it's an item I missed the chance to get and would have, it's cool! This is a BATMAN Valentines Candy Product by Palmer Chocolates. There might be a tiny chance of finding them, even on clearance. (If anyone knows where to get them please let me know ).

Some Funny BATMAN HUMOR Memes To Share

Just a quick post to share some totally hilarious BATMAN MEMES I have come across lately. Well, some good friends sent me one or two but I found the other ones, ha! ( Thanks Guys, you know who YOU are! )

February 21, 2013

Fresh BATMAN WALLPAPERS - Comic Book Art by Jorge Baeza

Hey Kids! Here's some extremely cool BATMAN WALLPAPER for you to enjoy and we really hope it brightens your day, or at least, your desktop! We should mention that the artwork shown here is done by our good friend, Jorge Baeza. This guy is an ultra-talented Graphic Artist. Looking at these 2 pieces of art it looks like he was inspired by Frank Miller's "Dark Knight Returns" BATMAN and also the modern-day comic book version as well. I like them both so much I can't decide which one I like better, ha! 

Hey, if you wanna see more of Jorge's work then please CLICK HERE!


FAT MAN ON BATMAN - Grant Morrison Interview ( Part 2 ) Now Online

Over at Kevin Smith's Podcast, FAT MAN ON BATMAN, they just released the 2nd part of an amazing interview with one of the ultimate Batman Comic Book Writers, Grant Morrison. Now, the main focus of this broadcast is the Dark Knight character so you might wanna give it a listen. Hey, just CLICK HERE!

New Photo - DC UNIVERSE MYSTERY MINIS Batman Figures by Funko Toys

We reported about this new line of Batman products awhile back, but when we did the only thing we had to show was a prototype mock-up. Well, here's an actual photo! Here are what the DC UNIVERSE MYSTERY MINIS Batman Figures by Funko Toys is going to actually look like. Wow, these are kinda cool.

Alexander's BATMAN TOY and MEMORABILIA Collection

Just a quick post to share this fun photo sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan named Alexander. Here is a photo of his office cubicle. ( Please click on it for a larger view, it's crazy! )

Yes, he has a ton of Batman Toys, Action Figures, Batmobiles, Statues, Hot Wheels, Collectibles, etc... at his real-life workspace. Wow, that is so cool! ( Thanks Alex )

February 19, 2013

New 2013 LEGO DC Superheroes BATMAN Board Game!

A new friend to the Bat-Blog, a guy named Dave Campbell, was nice enough to share some fun photos he took at the recent 2013 TOY FAIR. While there he got these great pics of a brand-new BATMAN toy that will be made by LEGO TOYS. It's a DC Superheroes BATMAN Board Game!!

Basically, it's a Board Game made from Lego Pieces that, I guess, you build it as the game progresses?? I totally love the cool graphics on the box lid. It also comes with a ton of tiny little figures of Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, Joker, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, and the Riddler!

Whoops, almost forgot to mention. This game will have a retail price of about $29.99 and will be released in August 2013. Also, they plan on having TV Commercials for this thing starting in July.

New 2013 BATMAN BATCAVE Papercraft Play Set by FUNKO!

Here are some more fun pics from the 2013 TOY FAIR sent in by our friend Dave Campbell. Last year FUNKO sort of introduced a new line of Papercraft toys. They were all mostly individual figures but this year they plan to expand the line and bring us diorama play sets. 

Check out this one of the BAT-CAVE!! It features different rooms of Wayne Manor and the Batcave too. It even comes with a cool Batmobile car! These are sort of like Model Kits or Craft Kits where you have to put them together...Hey, these sound pretty fun! (Click on these pics here for larger, more detailed photos ).

New 2013 JUSTICE LEAGUE Can-tivities Collectible Treat Tins by FUNKO

The recent 2013 TOY FAIR just keeps popping-up a lot of fun cool surprises! Here's a great example, the Toy Company FUNKO has plans to bring out a bunch of new Batman Toys, Figures, Wacky Wobblers, etc... for 2013 and now we get some pics of a whole new product called "Can-tivities".

Basically, they're small tin tubes in the shape of cartoon characters that you can store fun stuff in. Here are some prototype pics of their JUSTICE LEAGUE SET they have plans to release later ( no exact date known right now ). 

The Company is being super hush-hush about it but we did get news that their IRONMAN 3 MOVIE Tins will be released in March and they have also shown us what comes inside those tins, sort of a "school supply" kind of thing ( see pic down below ). The JLA ones say they are more of a "treat thing" so maybe they'll be candy. Hmm, stay tuned to the Bat-Blog and once we know more, you know more. 

February 18, 2013

Fan Video - BATMAN From The Beginning to Retirement... and Beyond!

Here's a pretty cool fan-made video showing clips from various animated cartoons featuring the evolution of the Dark Knight. Yes, this is Batman from Beginning to Retirement and Beyond!

Photos - Stacy's Beautiful BATMAN LOGO Yellow Party Dress

This morning I got a very nice email from a Bat-Blog Fan named Stacy. She wanted to share these 2 pics of her brand-new "Batman Dress" that her friend recently made for her. Wow Stacy! Your friend did an amazing job on this. Oh yeah, it's very cool! ( Thanks )

Promo Video - Fisher-Price Imaginext DC SUPER FRIENDS - The Joker's Playhouse

From Fisher-Price Toys ( Mattel ) we get this cool promo video for their Imaginext DC SUPER FRIENDS toy line. This episode is titled, "The Joker's Playhouse".

The Hall of Justice has just been renovated, including a training facility with holographic training simulations. But when the holographic technology goes crazy, it doesn't take Batman and Superman long to discover that The Joker has been doing some secret renovations of his own! The two heroes send out a call for help to the rest of the Justice League—The Flash, Hawkman, Cyborg, Green Lantern—but The Joker has built in so many tricks and traps, it's not even funny. Who will have the last laugh? Stay tuned...

February 17, 2013


Here's some pics of some really fun brand-new BATMAN Toys to keep an eye out for. Shown here are 2 different Bendee Toys (bendable figures) of Batman and the Joker and then we get to see a Batman Key Chain too. They also have a Bendee based on Superman, not pictured here.

Wait! Are these called Bendees or Bendys? Ha Ha! Either way, they're pretty cool. The Batman figure looks a lot like it's based on the comic book artwork of Darwyn Cooke ( Remember DC Comics' The New Frontier? ).

Some New BATMAN AND THE JOKER Papercraft Toys To Make!

Here are some fresh brand-new BATMAN and JOKER Papercraft Toys that we came across the other day & thought would be a good idea to share. ( Just click on them for larger versions )

Now, you can print these out with your computer printer ( we suggest using card stock, but regular paper will work too ), cut them out, and put them together. Hey, if you make some please let us know how they turned out. Thanks!


In this new video by our Friend, "Batgirl Raquel", she gives her review on the latest DC Universe animated Batman movie, "THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS: Part2". Then, she goes off on a rant towards Warner Bros, ha!

February 16, 2013


Over at the MTV GEEK website they just shared some really fun exclusive photos from the booth of Mezco Toys at the 2013 TOY FAIR. Here, we get to see some of the new MEZ-ITZ Batman Figures. The 1st pic shows the new Bat-Pod from the recent DARK KNIGHT Movies. I like this toy, it's pretty cool and kinda cute too! 

Next up is a version of the Classic Batmobile that comes with a figure...hmm, kind of interesting.

The last two pics show some item that have been out awhile but I thought I'd share them n case somebody has not seen them yet. The one cool thing is the super-huge giant-sized figures. I really like those. Plus, the large Superman and Wonder Woman ones are new. Oh yeah, those smaller Superman Figures include in that same photo are ones for the brand-new SUPERMAN Movie.