October 27, 2012

Photos - Vintage 1970's BATMAN Toys and Memorabilia!

The BAT-BLOG.COM is all about the many different angles of the Batman character but our main focus is the joy of collecting both New and Vintage Toys. We're always announcing brand-new memorabilia coming out, so you can hunt it down, but every now and then we like to torture people with photos of very rare collectibles, ha ha!

Here's a great example: Check out this Vintage BATMAN Swimming Pool Ring Float Toy ©1974. This one is still in it's original package but you can also see what the toy looks like in the photo on the header card, very cool!!

Next up is a fun set of DC Comics Superheroes and Villains Refrigerator Magnets. There are quite a few Batman-related characters here: Batman, Robin, The Joker, Catwoman, The Penguin, and even The Riddler!

Then, for your viewing pleasure, is this Vintage Trade Publication Advertisement for some DC Comics Superhero Drinking Mugs called, "Supersteins!". I have the Batman one and really love it because it features Neal Adams artwork. They also made Superman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam ( Captain Marvel ).

Last, but not least, is the 70's BATMAN UTILITY BELT made by Remco Toys. This pic shows the original window box packaging which is totally cool. I wish I owned this thing like it is in the photo but I only have a few loose pieces. Still, this thing is really great! 

Video - New BATMAN Fan Film - Silent Shadow of The Bat-Man!

Holy Manic Mash-Up, Batman! I know that all serious Batman Fans out there are gonna get a huge kick out of this! Our Good Friend, Andre Perkowski, just completed his BATMAN Fan Film titled, "Silent Shadow of The Bat-Man". This project involved a lot of very talented people & the cool thing is that Houston's Two Star Symphony performed the movie score LIVE during the preview of the film. (Thanks Andre & Good Job, the movie is AWESOME! )

October 25, 2012


We want to thank our best pal & good buddy, Desmond, for sending us this wonderful costume photo showing us who he is gonna be for Halloween this year. Desmond is... BATMAN, THE DARK KNIGHT!!

Larry's BATMAN BATCRUSR Custom Batmobile Car!

Check out these cool pics submitted by a serious Batman Fan named Larry. He recently customized his car into a fun Batmobile ride he likes to call, "The BATCRUSR!"

BATMAN Music Video - GOTHAM STYLE! - PSY Gangnam Style Parody

I gotta say that while I did like the original PSY "GANGNAM STYLE" music video I am getting sort of tired of it, ha! but, this new GOTHAM STYLE Batman video is a pretty good parody, enjoy... GOTHAM STYLE!

October 24, 2012

TOKYO TOY GUY - The BATMAN Vintage Toy Collector Movie!

Check out this cool Movie Poster & Teaser Trailer Video ( down below ) for TOKYO TOY GUY, The BATMAN Memorabilia Collector Movie!! Yes, this is a film our Good friend Yuji Ueda has been working on for over 5 years. He traveled to 6 different Countries around the World to focus his video camera on some of the most major Batman Toy Collections in the world!! 

Seriously, this documentary will completely torture every serious Vintage Toy Collector out there because it has some of the most amazing, and super-rare, museum-quality stuff that you will probably ONLY see in this film. 

It's still in post-production right now but please be sure to look for it to appear around November 2012. Also, please stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG.COM because as soon as we have more info we will pass it along. Yes, we're seriously excited about seeing this movie!!!

Kimberly Moore's ANNE HATHAWAY CATWOMAN Cosplay Pics!

This is just a very quick post to share some photos I came across on Facebook the other night. This is our friend Kimberly Moore dressed-up as our favorite feline, Catwoman! Of course this is the "Anne Hathaway" version from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie... MMMMEOW!!

Cinefex Magazine - The Dark Knight Rises Batman Movie Issue #131 in Stores Now!

Back in the late 1980's I had a friend named John who was an extremely serious Video Photographer. In fact, he went on to work on many TV Commercials & even some Hollywood films. The reason I bring him up is that he always reminds me of Cinefex Magazine. He used to totally worship this publication like a Religion, ha! It's a pretty unique magazine in the way that it covers Camera Techniques, Special Effects, Film Specs, Lighting, Sound eFX, etc... I mean it, this isn't one of those mags that talk about stupid celebrity gossip, it's a serious look at the real behind-the-scenes type stuff about how they REALLY make movies.

Anyways, I wanted to send a shout-out to my friend John and let him know that the latest issue of Cinefex #131 covers everything about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie. 

It also has some in-depth articles on the making of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, TOTAL RECALL, and ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER. This new issue is in stores now or you can order it online from their official website, just CLICK HERE!

October 22, 2012


Oh Man, check out the beauty of this photo!! At this years recent 2012 New York City Comic Con ( NYCC ) the CA Enterprises Toy Company revealed the prototype of what the packaging for the "CAPTAIN ACTION Batman Outfit" will look like and it looks GREAT! I totally love the retro silver-age style. They even used Carmine Infantino artwork!! Plus, if you look at the back of the box they also show that they will be making one of The Joker!! Look for these to hit retail stores around 2013.

For the few people who don't know who Captain Action is, this was a very famous toy line in the 1960's created by the Ideal Toy Company. Basically, he was sort of like the 12" G. I. Joe Doll except Captain Action had a different persona and then they also sold Superhero Outfits you could buy to transform him into another character. They made outfits of Batman, Aquaman, Superman, Spiderman, and many others. These vintage toys are hard to find today & very collectible. Plus, they're just really cool!!

To learn more about these toys please visit CAPTAINACTION.COM


Ace Bat-Reporter Batmobilly spotted some really excellent totally brand-new Batman Toys at his local retail store the other night. These are tiny little figures called "Squinkies". There's a special set of Batman-related ones and they also did the "Justice League". It looks like there are 12 per package. Batmobilly was cool enough to open a package so we can see what these things look like. Oh man, check it out, there's the Joker, Two-Face, Catwoman, Penguin, Bane, Riddler, Robin, Nightwing, batgirl, 2 Batman Figures and even a nice Batmobile car!! Yes, these are really cool! I'm gonna have to get the "Batman Set" for sure.  ( Thanks Batmobilly )

Please Share the BAT-BLOG!

Please Share the BAT-BLOG!

October 19, 2012

NEW BATMAN TOY - Xtreme Customz Batmobile Car

While hunting through a Toys-R-Us Store the other night our good buddy, ( and Ace Reporter ) Batmobilly, found this very unusual brand-new Batman Toy, it's called an XTREME CUSTOMEZ Batmobile! 

Basically, it's a Toy Car that is in pieces and you put it together. It looks really crazy!! He said it retails for around $9.99, not too bad. I like it and I'm gonna have to find one of these. ( Thanks Batmobilly! )

New BATMAN PAJAMAS and CLOTHING At Kohl's Department Store

We have a friend who I think works at Kohl's. I say that because he's always letting us know what new "Batman" items they get, which is very cool. Here are some recent examples:

The pictures should speak for themselves but here we go with the description anyway, ha! First, there's a really cool Batman Pajama Set, then some "Sleeping Pants" ( That's what I call them. Oh yeah, I like that they used the retro-1970's logo on that one pair, very cool ), and then a nice Pink Batman Bat-Symbol Logo T-Shirt for Women. Awesome!! ( Thanks for sharing the fun pics Richard )

October 17, 2012

NEW BATMAN TOYS - 2012 Hot Wheels Motorcycles BAT-POD CYCLE!

Here at the BAT-BLOG.COM we try to keep up to date & report on all the brand-new Batman Merchandise. Sometimes it's pretty easy because the Toy Companies don't release much stuff during certain periods of the year. Then, it seems like everyone is putting out some crazy new product and it's very very difficult, ha ha! But either way we love collecting Bat-Toys and here's a small sample of an item to keep an eye out for in the near future. ( Thanks for the pic Jo$Rulez )

Here is the 2nd "Batman Bat-Cycle" to be a part of the "Hot Wheels Motorcycles" 2012 Series by Mattel ( 1/64th Scale ). Actually, it's the BAT-POD from the recent movies. The previous Bat-Cycle ( #1 ) was a very cool Retro-Style "Comic Book" Version. You can see that, by clicking right HERE!


I started to notice a small trend of "Batmobile Batman Car" photos in my special Bat-Folder so that became the idea for this post. Actually, these pics are very cool and a lot of fun so I think it might work, ha! Plus, these pics were all submitted by Bat-Blog Fans so that makes them even more special for me.

The 1st pic is an amazing Store Display created at some store to help sell more Halloween Candy. It kinda looks like the one from the 1989 BATMAN Movie with Michael Keaton, very AWESOME!!

Next up is a Customized Smart Car ( or is that a Golf Cart??? Ha Ha! ). It looks great either way. I love the Bat-Fins, ha!

Then, here's a Vintage Photo (screenshot) from a day of shooting Adam West during the 1960's BATMAN Film. The famous scene where, "Someday you just can't get rid of a bomb", was filmed on Stern's Wharf in Santa Barbara, CA. In fact, I just visited that location a few days ago on a wacky vacation to Cali for a week. The weird thing is that they do not mention this fact in their brochures. Not sure why. It's weird, you think they would capitalize on that. 


Yes, I used the word, "Extravaganza!", in the title, ha ha! Actually today is "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday". It's a tradition I started a long time ago because I enjoy making BATMAN Wallpaper Backgrounds but, over the years, it has become way more difficult. Why? Because now there are hundreds of different screen-size resolutions and it's way harder to please everybody. See, a few years ago almost everyone that read this site all, pretty much, had the same size. So, I decided to bring it back today and I'm using 1440 X 900 as the main size because that pleases most people. But, for the few that can't use them, I'm sorry.

Anyways, the first one is sort of a Tribute to 1960's Batman Merchandise and the 2nd Bat-Background uses some cool Fan Art showing a more modern-day version. Oh yeah, last minute I decided to throw-in the one with the stitched mouth. That's the cover to a very recent comic book. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE For More FREE BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Film Wallpaper Backgrounds!

October 14, 2012

BATMAN VIDEO - Here Comes Batgirl! - 2012 KAPOW! Comic Con

Our Good Buddies in NJ, BatDave & Dennis Pellicano, proudly present BATMAN, ROBIN, BATGIRL & The 1966 BATMOBILE in all their full-color glory at the recent 2012 KAPOW! Comic Con. This event was filmed live at the Monmouth County Library Headquarters in Manalapan, New Jersey. The Titanic-Trio of Superheroes thrilled the young and old alike during a gorgeous autumn afternoon.

This awesome event promoted the importance of reading and education, utilizing the Gotham Guardians as positive role models for the young children while being an inspiration for many of the special needs kids that were in attendance. No child left that day without a FREE photo with an autograph of their favorite Crime Fighter. As always, almost every scene was shot in one take due to our sad budgetary restrictions. HUGE thanks to the organizers of KAPOW! and to MIKE & MING of AMC's 'Comic Book Men'. The sweet 1966 Batmobile was provided by jovial John Brown and Gotham City Supercars.

BATMAN BAT-CAVE DIORAMA Made With 20,000 Lego Bricks!

Check out the pics of this amazing Batman Bat-Cave Diorama made entirely out of Lego Bricks by Wayne Hussey and Carlyle Livingston.

Their Batman Lego Bat-Cave was first displayed at Emerald City ComiCon in late March of 2012. It then made an appearance at Jet City Comic Show and then BrickCon 2012.

Some statistics:

They spent 400 hours each, over three months, building this. The project started in Early January and finished in late March.

Also, They estimate they used over 20,000 Lego Toy Brick Pieces ( but it's probably much much more, ha! ). It also weighs in at around 100 pounds. Be sure to click all the pics here for larger, more detailed, HD Photos.

For More Pics, CLICK HERE!


We wanna thank our Friend Erik for showing us this fun photo he took recently at some local Festival. It looks like, where he went, they had a lot of crazy Cosplayers... excellent! Thanks Erik for sharing your pic, the BATMAN Back-Tattoos look great!

October 11, 2012

Very Cool VINTAGE BATMAN TOYS From Belgium!!

Check out these really great photos of some ultra-cool ( and VERY ULTRA-RARE ) Vintage Batman Toys a friend of ours shared with us on Facebook. His name is Jean-Baptise and he lives all the way in Belgium ( a beautiful place ).

There are 4 pics of 3 collectibles ( 2 of them I have never seen before ). What I'm talking about is the BATMAN "Penguin Van" in Original Box ( 1970's? ) and the BATMAN Toy Handgun. Crazy!! Then, there's also a beautiful BATMAN Twin-Engine Bat-Plane Toy. Jean asked us if anyone knows who made the plane so if you do then please share the info with us. Personally, I think it might have been made by the Irwin Toy Company but that's just a guess. Oh yeah, Please be sure to click on these pics for larger versions.

Anyways, we wanna thank Jean-Baptise for sharing these fun pics... GREAT BAT-STUFF!!

New BATMAN AND ROBIN TATTOO ART Photo - Dick Sprang Tribute

Here is sort of a preview of our Friend Ryan's BATMAN AND ROBIN Tattoo Art. This is the 1st wave and then there will be some nice color and touch-up later. For now it looks great and the cool thing is that it's a complete tribute to Batman Golden Age Comic Book Artist Dick Sprang. ( Thanks Ryan, the artwork is looking real good so far, hang in there! )

October 5, 2012

Disney's DARKWING DUCK Comic Book Inspired by Neal Adams BATMAN

Here's some random artwork I came across the other day that's pretty fun. Here's the 8th Issue of Disney's DARKWING DUCK Comic Book ( Boom Studios ©2011 ) with a wonderful parody of the iconic Silver-Age Cover to BATMAN #227 by Neal Adams... Classic!

BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES Wall Decoration Paintings by John

Every Bat-Blog Fan knows we totally love and support creativity here at this site and it's always nice when Readers share their artistic passion with us. Here's a great example. Check out these pics from our friend John who painted these special wall decorations for his Son's bedroom. As you can see they went with a very cool "Batman: The Animated Series" Theme. Wow, it all looks really really GREAT! Thanks John for sharing these. Your Son is one lucky kid!!