September 30, 2012

BATMAN VIDEO - HOT TOYS DX 1989 BATMAN MOVIE Figure / Stop-Motion Animation

This is so cool!! HOT TOYS Figure Collectors, and Batman Fans in general, are all gonna love this video. This Stop-Motion Animation was created by our Friend Mike who wanted to showcase a few of the accessories that come with the new HOT TOYS DX 1989 BATMAN MOVIE Figure ( Yes, the Michael Keaton version! ). It's a short video, but really fun, check it out!!


This post is all about a friend of the Bat-Blog named Yuri Ozeryan. He runs a small Documentary Movie Production Company called YUR MEDIA PRODUCTIONS ( The Staff includes him and his Girlfriend, Natalie ) and they are currently working on a documentary about the real-life "Batman", Lenny B Robinson.

You may have heard about Lenny when he was pulled over by the Police driving a Lamborghini in Maryland, while dressed in a Bat-Suit!  At the time He was on his way to a Children's Hospital and he is truly a real-life hero. He's a successful Business Man who does various Charity Events all over the country to help make sick kids feel better.  His house is covered in Batman Memorabilia, he probably has over 10 Custom-Made Batman Suits, and he even has a Custom Batmobile. Yes, his life is literally the life of Bruce Wayne!

Anyway, we want to let Readers know they can follow all of the behind the scene events as they unfold on the Official YUR MEDIA PRODUCTIONS Facebook Page ( just click on their name ). Then, if you would like to learn more about Lenny and his wonderful Charity Events for Children, please be sure to visit SUPERHEROESFORKIDS.ORG

September 29, 2012



Here's a pretty funny parody humor video featuring Unlikely Quotes of Batman from "The Dark Knight Rises" movie.

The BAT-BLOG.COM Batman Fan Site is Now on Facebook!!

YES! Here's a quick post to share the news that the BAT-BLOG.COM has a Fan Page on Facebook. So, if you're a member there we want to invite you to join our page. It's FREE and it's also tons of action-packed fun!! We mainly post updates to this site that you will be able to share with all your friends ( They will be so jealous that YOU are a Member, so please be sure to LIKE US today! ).


Funny BATMAN HUMOR Photos and Comics HA HA!

Here's a nice sampling of totally hilarious BATMAN Photos, Memes and Comic Strips submitted by AWESOME Bat-Blog Fans, enjoy!!

September 26, 2012

Video - How THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie Should Have Ended

WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS MOVIE SPOILERS!! Here is one of those totally hilarious "How It Should Have Ended" animation videos with their take on how THE DARK KNIGHT RISES film should have ended, funny!

New BATMAN LIVE Hot Wheels BATMOBILE Diecast Toy Car

Shown here are 2 variations on the Hot Wheels BATMAN LIVE BATMOBILE by Mattel that you might keep an eye out for in the future. One version comes with an Acrylic Case that is an EXCLUSIVE ITEM sold at the 2012 BATMAN LIVE World Arena Tour event. 

The regular-packaged one is gonna be sold in retail stores everywhere. Both cars are totally identical but I think the acrylic case is kinda cool. But, because of my lame limited budget I'll probably just wait for the carded version. ( Special Thanks to Steve and BatmoBilly for sharing their wonderful pics )

Video - SUPERMAN DEAN CAIN Helps BATMAN Propose to BATGIRL at 2012 Dragon Con

Please be sure to check this video out because it really is a very heartwarming thing to see. It's also very sweet. This is a wonderful event that happened recently at the 2012 Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 1st. A Friend of the Bat-Blog, Ruby Rinesko, got Dean Cain ( TV's Superman ) to help him propose to his Girlfriend, Jennifer. She said, "YES!", of course, and we want to wish them the best of luck. Both of them are Cosplayers who always delight fans at Comic Cons with their amazing costumes. He is usually "Batman - Adam West Version" and she appears as "Batgirl - Yvonne Craig Style".

September 25, 2012


On a visit to Chip Kidd's Official Website the other day ( CHIPKIDD.COM ) I came across this very cool "Batman-related" story and just knew I had to "steal it", here it is:

Over at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund ( CBLDF ) Website they are offering a very special limited-edition Art Print of Catwoman that is pretty cool! The artwork is done by the amazing Comic Book Artist, Amanda Conner. It measures about 11″ X 14″ and has a donation price of $40.00. The cool thing is that all the money made from the sale of this art will help support CBLDF and also protect free speech. To order the CATWOMAN ART PRINT just click here.

BATMAN ART - Custom T-Shirt of THE JOKER Inspired by a Bat-Blog Story!

This is a post I'm very proud of. About a month ago we posted a very fun photo that a Friend of ours named Ruben sent us all the way from Chile. While there he spotted an extremely beautiful Graffiti Art Wall Mural of the Joker that he randomly came across. The artwork is really nice, very well done, plus, it looks very cool! You can see that by clicking HERE and please do because it explains a lot.

OK, if you saw the Joker Mural then you know why we HAD to post it, it's AWESOME! But, the really neat thing is that another Bat-Blog Fan saw this and was inspired to create a very cool design for a custom-made JOKER T-Shirt. Here it is... WOW!! This is exactly the reason I love doing this blog, connecting people from around the World who love the Batman character... very cool, Thanks!

VIDEO - The Stan Lee BALTIMORE COMIC CON Experience (2012)

OK, Comic Books Fans ( Both Marvel and DC Comics ) are gonna love this video and there is even some "Batman stuff" mixed in here as well. This video is a recent fan-film created by some good friends of ours in New Jersey who call themselves the BAT-SQUAD and this is their recent trip to Baltimore, Maryland, specifically, the 2012 Baltimore Comic Con  on Sept 8th.

The main guest at the event was none other than Comic Book Icon STAN LEE, Excelsior!! Also of special note are Artists Neal Adams, Herb Trimpe, Bernie Wrightson and a bevy of cosplay beauties!

This video ALSO includes the ONLY exclusive reunion footage of legendary Stan 'The Man' Lee and one of his finest Golden Age artists, Ken Bald. It was a magical moment and we are proud to share this rare piece of living history with the world.

September 22, 2012


Over at the HERO ENVY Website our Friend John Cimino recently wrote a very excellent article showcasing "THE TOP 5 GREATEST BATTLES OF BATMAN". It's very well researched and pretty fun to read. Here's a LINK to check it out! ( Thanks John )


Here's a Video made by a Bat-Blog Fan named Andre who lives in Mexico. He wanted to share his passion for collecting New & Vintage Batman Toys and this short clip showcases his "Batmobile Toy Collection" quite well. It seems his main focus is the cars made by Hot Wheels, but there are also other versions too, very cool stuff!! ( Thank You Andre! )

New AARDMAN BATMAN Action Figure From DC Collectibles

Anyone lucky enough to be able to go to the NEW YORK COMIC CON next month needs to keep an eye out for this very cool 2012 NYCC EXCLUSIVE Action Figure, the "AARDMAN BATMAN" ( Also, you know this thing will be easily available on eBay later, just in case you're like me and can't go ).

This Action Figure was designed by Rich Webber and sculpted by Phil Ramirez. It is based on the one of the animated shorts from Cartoon Network's "DC Nation" TV Series. Which, you can view by clicking HERE! 

It will retail for around $25 and will be sold at the Graphitti Designs booth #939. Oh yeah, as a side-note, NYCC will happen on October 11th-14th, 2012.

September 18, 2012


Long Time Fans and Readers of the BAT-BLOG.COM know we have a Friend in New Jersey named Louie who has an amazing 1966 Batmobile Replica Car. We have featured it many times here and it's always really great to see. But here's a wonderful story that happened at a HUGE Car Show in Sayreville, NJ earlier this week ( That's where Jon Bon Jovi lives, ha! ) . Now, if you look at the 1st two photos you can see Louie's '66 Batmobile Car as it appeared at the event, it looks great! Then, there's another pic of him with his Giant-Size 65-Inches Tall Trophy. OK, it's totally great that Louie won the show, we're proud of him, but the really beautiful part of the whole thing is how he got to help make a Little Kid's night a night he'll never forget.

Up above is a photo of a Brave Little Kid who is battling Brain Cancer with complete dignity. We're really proud of him. He and his family were there and this 6 year old boy is a BIG Batman Fan!! So, Louie gladly gave the little guy a very special Batmobile experience with his dad looking on. This is the kind of uplifting stuff that the general public just doesn't get to see. This kid was, seriously, on Cloud Nine!! We hope and know he's going to make a great recovery. He just has to and we want to wish the best of luck for him & his Family. I'd also like to thank Louie, BatDave ( Bat-Ace Reporter, Photographer ), and his Girlfriend Lisa for sharing this special story. This is the kinda stuff that restores my faith in people.

TONY MARINO IS BATMAN! Vintage 1960's Wrestling Star Photos

Back in the mid-1960's there was a Professional Wrestler named Tony Marino who look on the persona of Batman ( Adam West version ) for the Wrestling Ring. Actually, I guess to get around copyright issues, he called himself, "BATTMAN", clever! Here are some Vintage Black and White Photos that recently surfaced on eBay. In fact, I think they're still available?? Anyways, our Friend Johan told us about this guy awhile back & then shared these pics with us today, Thank You Johan! 

Oh yeah, one last thing, Tony Marino is still alive today! Yes, He has gotta be like 80 years old now but, here's a LINK to a recent blog post where a Fan named Josh got to meet him, check it out!

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - New 31-Inch BATMAN Figure by Jakks Pacific

Here's a quick post to share this fun photo of a brand-new BATMAN product expected to arrive in November of 2012. This is a 31-Inch BATMAN Action Figure based on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie. Yes, you read that right, 31 inches! It's HUGE!! These are totally great for display. This one is made by a company called Jakks Pacific.

September 16, 2012


Here's a great story and a very nice set of photos sent in to us by Steve from Wheeling, WY. He wanted to share these great photos of his FiancĂ© s "Harley Quinn" Tattoo and the "Batman and Joker" Tattoos he has. 

The cool thing is they're both very talented Tattoo Artists so he did her ink and she did his, nice! But that's not all. This October, Halloween to be exact, they plan on getting married with a DC Comics-themed Wedding! Wow, we really look forward to seeing pics of that! ( Thanks Steve & Congrats on the whole "Gettin' Married" Thing. We want to wish you two the Best of Luck )
CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight Rises and Joker!


The Crumb Stoppables presents: Batman ( If I was your Batman ). Also includes:  Jim Gordon, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Two-Face, Bane, Poison Ivy, and The Riddler!

Brand-New BATMAN TOYS in Stores Now!!

The cool thing about this post is all these photos were submitted by Bat-Blog Readers, awesome! But basically, here are a few pieces of brand-new BATMAN Merchandise that are in stores now. The 1st pic might seem familiar, this is a new BATMAN Hot Wheels Ballistiks Toy Car made by Mattel. Last month or so they came out with some of these that were Batman ( black color version ) and Bane. They were inspired by THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie. This new one is the classic "Blue/Grey/Yellow" color combination that you see in the older comic books.

Next up is a pic from a Friend on Facebook. He saw this new BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Toy Vehicle Set and thought Bat-Blog Fans might enjoy seeing it. He's right, this thing is pretty cool. This boxed set includes 3 Batman Vehicles: The Treadator, Batcycle, and Attack Copter. The weird thing is that none of these actually appeared in the movie. But, on their own, they're kinda neat. They're also a TARGET Store Exclusive.

Next up is a Batman Figure ( also a Target Exclusive ) that has a "Halloween Holiday" theme. It's crazy!! Now I know there are a ton of collectors out there who collect Halloween items so this should sell easily to them too. Personally, I like the Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin Graphics, a lot! So, have YOU seen any new batman products worth mentioning? If so then please let us know. Remember, the Bat-Blog is all about the joys of collecting bat-stuff and sharing the love of the hobby.

September 13, 2012

KIMBERLY MOORE IS CATWOMAN! The Dark Knight Rises Movie Version

Here is a recent photo shoot from our favorite Catwoman Cosplay Model, Kimberly Moore. These were all shot recently in New York City by a very talented Photographer named Ron "Spidey" Gejon. Of course this Costume is inspired by the one worn by Anne Hathaway in the recent Batman movie, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. The variety of poses is pretty cool and we actually had a hard time trying to figure out which shots ( out of a ton of them ) that we liked the best. I mean, they're all so GREAT!

Be sure to click on them for large HD versions!

Oh yeah, we should mention that Ron has a Tumbr page website where he shares his excellent (& most recent) photography work. There's some really great stuff there so please be sure to check that out sometime, just CLICK HERE! Also, Thanks to Kimberly for sharing these fun photos. We think you look really good in that Cat-Suit, MEOW!!

DIEGO THE BAT-HOUND Enjoying a Photo of Himself Admiring Himself

YES! We just got a new fun photo from one of our favorite Batman Fans, named DIEGO The Bat-Hound!! This little guy is crazy for the Caped Crusader but we're also starting to think he might admire himself a little bit more, ha ha! 

OK, This photo up above need a little explaining so please try to follow. It all began when we posted a picture of Diego wearing his cool Batman Costume. He looked so cute and the pic is kinda funny. Then, later, when he saw this pic on the Bat-Blog he just totally admired himself online and that's another photo. Both of these pics are down below. Well, now, the photo up above is himself admiring the photo of himself admiring himself, make sense? Yeah, Diego is wacky!! But he's a cool guy for sharing these wonderful pics. We love you Diego!

New BATMAN AND ROBIN Water Globes Coming Out Soon

Here's a quick post to share a few pics of some brand-new pieces of BATMAN Merchandise and Collectibles coming out soon. What ever YOU call these things: Water Globes, Snow Domes ( I prefer "Snow Globes" ) these are pretty cool! Westland Gifts is set to come out with these & they look kinda fun. 

The ones of the Dynamic Duo will retail for around $20 each and the 2nd BATMAN one ( 3rd photo ) will be about $35. I'm not sure yet why that one costs more; but I'm guessing it will probably have a music box built into it or something. They all measure about 2 1/2-inches in diameter. Look for these to hit stores around November 2012.

September 12, 2012

Funny BATMAN AND ROBIN Humor Photos

Here's a quick post to share some funny batman-related humor photos that various Bat-Blog Fans have shared with us this week. Thanks everybody, you guys ROCK!!

Bat-Blog Fan Bruce Hicks is... THE BATMAN!!!!

Here's a fun video from our good friend Bruce and we're not talking about Bruce Wayne. His name is Bruce Hicks and HE IS BATMAN!!

DAMN GEEKY Review - BATMAN Electric Guitar WING-BAT by Hallmark

This Electric Guitar is called the "Wing-Bat!" and is made by Hallmark Guitars. We have featured this beautiful musical instrument a few times in the past here on the Bat-Blog but we're showing again to share a Product Review by our Friends at DAMN GEEKY. This Guitar is pretty cool and it's pretty easy to notice how it's design was inspired by George Barris' Custom 1966 Batmobile Car.

September 11, 2012


Here's a fun Video Review I came across for the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises" Track Set. It's a very elbaroate play set that you mount on the wall & the graphics are excellent. It comes with a Diecast Black Tumbler Batmobile Car. I remember when we posted some news about this new Batman Toy here at the Bat-Blog.Com but I have not seen one out of the box yet. Wow, it looks really really cool! Check it out!

New BATMAN 8-BIT ART T-Shirts by 8-BITTY!

Check out these brand-new products created by a website called 8-BITTY! They design T-Shirts that revolve around the nostalgia of Vintage 1980's Video Games. You remember these, the graphics were horrible! But we all loved playing these games and now 8-bit graphics as an art form is extremely cool. Oh, I should mention that they have one T-Shirt that is very inspired by Batman. It's called "Bitman".


Here's a fun quick post to show-off some really neat photos taken by a friend named Armando. He has a beautiful "Batman Customized" Dodge Charger and he recently shared these. In the 1st pic you can see some of the bat-emblems & logos used on his front grill. 

Then, we get to see inside the hood. Now, I thought that BOX on the left was maybe the battery??? But no, Armando said that was the fuse box. Now you see why I can't do any of my own car repairs, ha! But we wanna thank Armando for sharing these cool pics, they're fun and this Bat-Vehicle is very very cool.