July 31, 2012


Shown up above is the BOX ART for THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS: PART ONE Film set to be the next DC UNIVERSE Original Movie. This film is based on the classic 1980's Graphic Novel by Frank Miller. Wow, it looks pretty good. But even better than that is the just-released Movie Trailer, check it out down below!

HOT TOYS - The Dark Knight Rises Movie 1/4 Scale BATMAN Figure ( Christian Bale )

OK, Here's some great news from HOT TOYS that is going to excite all you Serious Batman Toy Collectors out there!! HOT TOYS will be releasing a 1/4 Scale Figure of Christian Bale as Batman from The Dark Knight Rises Movie!! Yes, you read that right, 1/4th Scale ( a lot bigger than their regualr 1/6 scale ). This thing will be about 18 or 19 inches tall ( we're guessing ). I mean, it's gonna be HUGE-BIG! Plus, the detailing, as usual, is gonna be totally INSANE!

Remember to click on the photos up above for Larger HD versions.

AURORA By Dark Knight Trilogy Music Composer Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer, the Composer who created the Music  Soundtracks for all 3 Christopher Nolan Batman Movies in the "Dark Knight Trilogy" has composed/written a special song as a benefit for the People of the recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. The song can be downloaded for as little as 10 cents but we ask that you upgrade your donation to a higher amount. C'mon, 10 cents? Really?! You can go a dollar or two, right? Heck, it's worth $5.00 or more!

For download link & more info just CLICK HERE!

The song is also available on Apple iTunes, HERE!

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Premiere NJ - Kimberly Moore is CATWOMAN!

MEOW! Here are some extra photos of Cosplayer Kimberly Moore as CATWOMAN ( Anne Hathaway version ) sent to us from our friend Batdave. This was from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Premiere in New Jersey.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie - BATMAN and BANE Squatties Paper Toys!

Here at the BAT-BLOG we seriously love us some Paper Art Toys! But I gotta warn ya, these things are totally addictive, ha! Basically, you print them out on your computer, cut them out & assemble! ( This trend is also called "Papercraft" ).

 Here are some brand-new ones called SQUATTIES. At their website they have some FREE Downloads of Batman and Bane from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie. They're pretty cool, check them out!!

July 30, 2012

AURORA RISE - The Batman Benefit Event - SPREAD THE NEWS!

ALL C'S COLLECTIBLES, a local Comic Book Shop in Aurora, Colorado, will be hosting a fundraiser benefiting the victims of the recent tragedy. It's being called, AURORA RISE! Of course as serious Batman Fans we would all be proud to support this event and spread the news about it. If you're a Facebook Member then please visit their page, share it with your friends... because this is a cause we can all believe in! Come to think of it, if you are on Twitter then please tweet it too!

For More Information, Here is a LINK to their Facebook Page:

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES at The Movie Drive-In!!

"Hey, Let's All Go To The Lobby, Let's All Go To The Lobby..."

 These photos are great for two reasons: 1. The Costumes look great! We have Batman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn right here!! 2. They were shot at a Vintage-Style Movie Drive-In! I totally love those places, "Hey Mom, we're sitting IN the car AND watching a movie!". The audio was always kinda crappy but just the joy of going with a bunch of friends and having your own space was always good times. Plus, you ALWAYS had to go hit the concession stand for munchies, ha! Very cool!

 Whoops, did I mention that Batman here is our friend William? Yes, This is him & his Wife ( I think, maybe? ), with another friend, and they all went in costume to go see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES at their local drive-in. Oh man, I bet if kids were there they went totally insane, ha! ( Thanks William for sharing your wonderful photos )

BATGIRL Does The Batusi!

Just a quick post to share this amazing piece of original comic book art done by Cliff Chiang! This was a recent 2012 SDCC San Diego Comic Con Sketch, "Batgirl Does The Batusi!!"

BATMAN HUMOR VIDEO - Extremely Dark Knight

This message is for all of you Criminal Scum out there! You do not ever, EVER, want to be interrogated by Batman...  the Dark Knight!

July 29, 2012

VIDEO - Batman vs. Captain America In Real Life - Ultimate Fan Fights!

Check out this fan-made video showing an epic battle between Batman and Captain America!! The costumes are both the "movie versions" and are extremely insane! Also, the Production Quality, Acting, and Editing are great too... it's really cool!! ( Thanks Glen for the heads-up on this! )

One last thing, at the end of this video it's one of those things where you "Click to see who wins", these kind of videos don't work sometimes when they are embedded, so if they don't, then please be sure to visit YouTube to make your choice!

Sneak Peek - HOT TOYS Selina Kyle CATWOMAN Figure Photos!

Here's a quick post to share 2 fan-made photos of what the DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie CATWOMAN / SELINA KYLE ( Anne Hathaway ) Figure by HOT TOYS is gonna look like! Once the Toy Company releases some official photos we'll be sure to post them. Oh man, this figure looks incredible, MEOW!!

Salvatore's THE DARK KNIGHT RISES IMAX Movie Adventure!

Here's a photo of our Good Friend Salvatore about to go into THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie. Now, if I have my information correct then he saw this film at the BFI-IMAX Theater in London, England.

OK, He didn't state he saw this in the UK but I researched the Theater he said he went too and Google said, "London". I also came across this photo showing the crazy "Advertising Banner" display that this place did. Oh man, check it out!! ( You might need to click on it for a larger HD version ). It's insanely cool!!

Sorry Salvatore for having this post all mixed-up ( ha ha! ) but I do appreciate you sharing your photo.

BATMAN FANS GET GEARED-UP! Here's Photographic Proof!

This post is made up of some wonderful photos submitted to the BAT-BLOG by some very serious BATMAN Fans! YES! These Guys all seriously ROCK! The 1st pic is our Friend Bill who went dressed-up has Batman at the recent Movie Premier of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. The cool thing, he represented the "Adam West" version!! 

Next up is a fun photo showing our Facebook Pal Anthony in his "Dark Knight" Costume standing next to his Black "Batmobile", Awesome!!

Now, both the photos up above are "Modern Day" but this one down below is a "Blast From The Past"! Here's our Friend Ralph wearing his very 1st Batman Costume back in 1989!!

July 27, 2012

VIDEO - BATMAN DARK KNIGHTFALL Fan-Made Movie Trailer with Stop-Motion Animation

Check this out!! "Batman: Dark Knightfall" is a Batman fan-made stop-motion animation directed by Derek Kwok and Henri Wong using Batman toys. To be specific, they are HOT TOYS figures. One of the Batman Vehicles even makes an appearance. Now, this video is also mainly a teaser as they state they will be coming out with a longer movie version. Let's hope they do, this sample is pretty cool!!

BATMAN NEWS - Christain Bale Visits Memorial Site in Aurora, Colorado

The BAT-BLOG reported the other day about Christian Bale's visit to a Colorado Hospital where he met a few of the people who were injured during the recent Aurora Movie Theater Tragedy. Mr. Bale had done this on his own & was not representing Warner Bros or anybody else, except himself. WOW! What an extremely generous & cool thing to do. 

Well, he also made a short appearance at the Memorial Site. He placed some flowers there and greeted a few family members to give his condolences. Again, a very classy thing to do. We're all really proud to be Batman Fans right now and I also know that we will all get over this event someday. It might take time, but like they say, "Time Heals". Thank you Mr. Bale.

New BATMAN TOYS and PRODUCTS Due in July 2012

Here's a weird "post idea" I came up with. Just post a bunch of Batman Toys that are due to be released, or are already out, in July. First up is the latest issue of Mad Magazine with a DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Parody Cover. Speaking of that film, the next pic is a new Wall Mural Sticker made by a company called Roommates. Then we have a beautiful HARLEY QUINN Toon Tumbler Glass. From Mattel comes this set of 10-Inch Figure of both Batman and Bane. Then, the last pic shows a cool BATMAN Cliff Hanger Playset made by Matchbox. Whew!! OK, if anybody ( this means YOU ) sees ANY brand-new pieces of Bat-Merchandise then please let us know, thanks!!


Just a quick post to share a few photos from the 2012 San Diego Comic Con where the Brand-New HOT TOYS 1966 Batmobile Batman Vehicle made an appearance, YES!! Oh man, this Japanese Toy Company just keeps torturing me, arrgghh!

Model Sheet - Golden Age Wonder Woman, The Animated Series

OK, I know this is not Batman-related but it's so extremely cool I just had to share it! Here's a TV Animation Model Sheet created by James Tucker for an idea to do a "Golden Age Wonder Woman" Animated Series. Yes, Let's hope Warner Bros actually makes this thing a reality, it's so AWESOME!! (Click on it for a larger HD photo)

July 25, 2012

Batman Actor Christian Bale Visits Victims in Colorado Hospital

OK, This is a pretty cool story and one that I've very proud to report. Now, if I have my info correct, yesterday THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Actor Christian Bale, who obviously played "Batman" in the recent Bat-Trilogy movies, went to a Colorado Hospital and visited a few of the victims of the recent Aurora Movie Premier Tragedy. It's important to note that Bale was NOT representing Warner Bros Entertainment in any way, BUT went on his own. Here's a few photos I was able to find. 

Now I gotta say, "Oh man, how cool is this?!!". I hope that in some way Christian Bale sees this post ( not really gonna happen ) and I want to thank him for being a true hero and a decent stand-up guy. This is a very heart-warming story. Thank you Mr. Bale! I also want to extend my deepest condolences to everyone touched by his hideous event. The only good thing to come out of it is we might all become united in rising above this tragedy.

THE DARK KNIGHT MANUAL Book Signing at NYC Midtown Comics on July 26th

On July 26th, 2012 ( as of this writing, tomorrow! ) Midtown Comics in New York City will have a Book Signing for THE DARK KNIGHT MANUAL with the author, Brandon T. Snider. For more info please CLICK HERE!

Thursday, July 26th
6:00 to 7 PM
Midtown Comics
64 Fulton Street


OK, This is all we got right now from HOT TOYS but judging by this teaser photo they sent we're looking at a special CATWOMAN / SELINA KYLE Figure to rise-up soon! This new DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Figure will be 1/6 Scale and probably extremely detailed. Also, knowing this Toy Company, it's going to be awesome and will completely torture me, ha!


Just a quick post to share this new "Teaser Photo" from HOT TOYS showing the Bat-Weapons they're making for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - HOT TOYS 1/4th Scale BATMAN FIGURE. Yes, you read that right, 1/4th Scale!! Please stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG.COM for more future Toy Collector Info as we get it.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - Photos From the Movie Premier in Newark, New Jersey!

Check out these totally kick ass photos shared by some friends of ours in New Jersey! They all went together to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Premier in Newark ( midnight showing ) a few days ago. Most of them even showed up in costume! The basic report is that they enjoyed the movie, had a lot of fun, plus, both Children and Adults went crazy over the costumed characters!! 

The list of Cosplayers include:

Kimberly Moore - Catwoman (Anne Hathaway version )
Genaro Ortiz - The Dark Knight ( Movie Trilogy version )
Louie - Batman ( Representing Adam West! )
Big Mike - Bane ( Tom Hardy version )
and Joker Billy!

July 24, 2012

INVITATION - BATMAN FAN? Come Join the BAT-BLOG.COM on Facebook!

Oh Yeah! That's Director Christopher Nolan spreading the news about his favorite BATMAN FAN website. About once a month we do a little propaganda on here to advertise our BAT-BLOG.COM Fan Page on Facebook. The idea is to invite you to become a new victim, I mean, Club Member! So, if you're on Facebook then please come join today... for free, ha!

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