June 28, 2012

New TITAN JOKER - DC Direct ARKHAM ASYLUM Deluxe Action Figure

Do you love the BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Video Game? I mean, who doesn't? It's AWESOME! Well, later this year be sure to be on the look out for this brand-new "TITAN JOKER" Deluxe Action Figure from DC Direct. This is the JOKER when he was amplified on the experimental Titan formula. This new Batman Toy is HUGE measuring about 11 1/2" Tall! It will have a Retail Price of  $ 72.95 ( Ouch! ) and will go on sale near October 24th, 2012.


I love to meet Batman Fans from around the Globe because it blows my mind how popular the character is all over the world. Here's some fun examples of some cool people I have met and photos they recently shared.

First up, Check out this Large BATMAN Store Display Poster our friend Paul got from a Hallmark Store in Canada. The artwork is great but I also love the French language. This was from the recent "Father's Day" promo. ( Thanks Paul )

Next, Believe it or not but this Bat-Bike is a Bumper Car Vehicle you can ride in Italy! Yes, our friend Massimo shot this pic just the other day. How cool is that?! As a little kid I would have ran to that one right away!( Thanks Massimo )

Last, but not least, is a funny photo from our Buddy Erik who lives in Denmark. Well, this is a photo of a cool Batman Toy Figure he stuck on his car. The 1st pic shows a close-up of the product and then you can see what he did. He now has BATMAN as a Hood Ornament, Hilarious!! OK, I would be worried somebody would just steal it, ha! But I'm sure he only did it for display. ( Thanks Erik )

VIDEO - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES New York City Billboards and Street Ads

Yesterday we posted some photos here at the BAT-BLOG.COM showing some of the crazy advertising stunts performed by Warner Bros to promote THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman movie. Well, then a friend on Facebook named Yuji sent us a link to a cool YouTube Video that shows some of that stuff "live". Check it out, it's way more cool! ( Thanks Yuji )

CLICK HERE For More Batman The Dark Knight Rises Video!

June 27, 2012

BATMAN AND CATWOMAN - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

Oh Crap! I just got done posting and thought I was done when suddenly, at the last  minute, I remembered that today is Wednesday. You know what that means? Yes, it Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!! So, here are two super-fun BATMAN Backgrounds to brighten your desktop. 

The 1st one shows some beautiful Catwoman Cosplay at a recent Comic Con. I have some friends who tease me that I'm in love with the 1st girl on the far left, har har har. I mean, she is HOT, but there's no way she would even talk to me ( For one thing, American Women ONLY CARE about how much money you make & I'm completely poor right now, ha! ).

Next, is a Wallpaper I'm pretty proud of because it was drawn by a friend of ours named Paul. Well, not all of it, just the JOKER ( Heath Ledger version ) on the far right-hand side. He added it to the already famous graphic art used to advertise THE DARK KNIGHT RISES movie. He felt they needed to make an image of the Joker but they didn't. So, He did! Well, I think Paul did a great job. It blends in very nicely and really looks like it belongs, cool!

CLICK HERE For More FREE BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Film Wallpaper Backgrounds!

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - Holy Billboard Advertising, Batman!

It looks like Warner Bros and DC Entertainment are finally busting loose and going crazy with the Batman Billboards that advertise THE DARK KNIGHT RISES film, that's cool! Here's a few pics and I'm wondering if any other BAT-BLOG Readers out there have seen any different ones? If so, then please send us a pic! Our email button is always on the top right-hand side of this page. Thanks.

Writer PAUL DINI is Set To Return To The BATMAN Character

According to a recent interview by the UK website SFX Paul Dini, Batman Comic Book Writer, has a brand-new BATMAN Graphic Novel that he is working on. Paul is very well known for his work on TV's Batman: The Animated Series. He also scripted the Batman: Arkham Asylum & Arkham City Video Games. So, this is great news. To read their excellent article, just click HERE!

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - A Few New Batman Toys and Products

I knew a long time ago that when THE DARK KNIGHT RISES was going to come out that there would be a HUGE flood of products. I mean, you could just tell that a lot of companies knew it would be a very BIG Blockbuster Movie & they would all want to capitalize on the popularity. But hey, for us Batman Toy Collectors that's a great thing! Oh sure, there's absolutely NO WAY to be able to afford to buy it all ( ha ha ha! ) but there will be some really great variety out there so that's cool. Well, OK, Check out these 2 examples:

First, from Heroclix, we got the BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES HeroClix Mini-Figures. This photo shows the Store Display filled with the product ( I love the Header Card ). These are set to come out in August 2012 and there will be 29 different figures to collect.

Next, is a new statue from DC Direct. Right now they're calling it, The "BANE WINTER BATTLE" Bust. It was sculpted by Dave Cortes and Paul Harding. It will measure about 6 1/4" Tall, will retail for around $79.95, and you can look for it on sale on October 3rd, 2012.

June 24, 2012


We  always love it when Batman Fans who get Batman-related Tattoos share pics of the artwork they have recently had done. Here's one from a BAT-BLOG Reader named Paul who got, not only Batman, but a Lot of Villains as well: The Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Penguin, and Bane! The 2nd photo shows the original comic book art that was the inspiration. It's interesting to see that Bane was added later. The Tattoo Artist is named "Bobby No" of Scallywag Tattoos in Miami, Fl. I should also note that this appears on Paul's lower left leg... cool!  Hey Paul, Thanks for sharing this great art with us.

Chuck's DENVER COMIC CON 2012 Batman Adventure!

Here are some really fun photos sent in to us by a very loyal BAT-BLOG.COM Reader named Chuck. He was pretty excited to share some news with us because he said he had just got back from his very first Comic Con that he ever attended! This is always a great thing to experience because they're just so fun. Plus, this was the 1st ever DENVER COMIC CON so it was very unique. As a side note I should say that I have heard from some other people who went and everyone said it was great. So, we're glad that Chuck got to go.

Now, here are some of his pics. The 1st one is guaranteed to completely torture all of our Readers, ha! This is a Cosplay Girl who was there as Catwoman. I totally LOVE her vinyl cat-suit, MEOW! Next up are a few other Cosplayers with equally cool costumes. We have Harley Quinn ( Arkham City version ) and The Joker, probably the best couple there. We also get to see the Riddler, Animated Series Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, and another great Joker.

Chcuk got to meet a few of his personal heroes: the Legendary Comic Book Artist Neal Adams and Michael Uslan, Executive Producer of all the BATMAN Movies. Uslan was there promoting his new Biography Book, "The Boy Who loved Batman". Also, the very last photo is of some homemade Superhero Art/Crafts Toys that are pretty cool! WOW! It seriously looks like this is an event I would have loved to attend. Before I sign-out here I wanna say THANK YOU to Chuck for sharing his experience, I appreciate it.

June 23, 2012

VIDEO - Fly In The ORIGINAL 1966 BATMAN MOVIE BATCOPTER at Meadowlands NJ Fair June 22nd To July 8th, 2012

The ORIGINAL 1966 BATMAN MOVIE BATCOPTER is at the Meadowlands NJ Fair RIGHT NOW and this is your chance to take a ride! Captain Gene Nock will have his iconic BAT-COPTER there from June 22nd To July 8th, 2012. For more information be sure to check out this video and also visit the NJFAIR.COM website!

CLICK HERE For More 1966 Batman Movie Batcopter Video!

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - Dale Earnhardt Jr's BATMAN / BANE Racing Car Wins The Race!

Both Nascar Racing Fans and Batman Fans are gonna be really excited about this news! Dale Earnhardt Jr, who has teamed-up with Mountain Dew to drive a special "Dark Knight Rises" Movie-Themed Race Car, recently WON THE RACE! This ended his recent losing streak and it also helps a lot to promote TDKR film! Now, we also have special news about the DEWGOTHAMCITY.COM Website that is a part of the promotion. They're now offering EXCLUSIVE "Dark Knight Rises" Merchandise at their website. Just go there by CLICKING HERE and look for the navigation tab at the top that says, "GEAR". Oh yeah, also CLICK HERE to see the Official Nascar Video of Dale Earnhardt Jr giving his "Victory Lane" speech.

VIDEO - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie APP for Nokia Lumia Smart Phones

OK, I don't mean for today to be "Video Day" here at the BAT-BLOG.COM but I have sort of been neglecting the videos I have had saved for a little bit & here they are. This one is pretty cool! This is for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie APP that is exclusive to Nokia Lumia Smart Phones. It has Wallpapers, Images, Movie Trailers, Ringtones, Maps, Games, etc... Check it out!

CLICK HERE For More Batman The Dark Knight Rises Video!

June 22, 2012

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie - Humor Photos

Just a quick post to share some totally hilarious Batman Humor Photos that are all related to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES movie. Enjoy & Share!

THE TUMBLER TOUR Hits Montreal Canada!

I have been meaning to post these photos for a few days but just keep getting side-tracked. But I'm happy to be finally posting them now. These were sent to us a few days ago by a major Batman Fan named Paul who lives in Canada. Paul was lucky enough to get to see the TUMBLER TOUR while it was in Montreal and he shot us these incredible photos at the event. As you can see they had the original Tumbler Batmobile Car AND the Bat-Pod Motorcycle, both of which can be seen in THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie. These vehicles will also make an appearance in the next "RISES" film. ( We can't wait to see that! ) Oh yeah, he had a great time and it's funny, he wore his Classic 1966 Batmobile T-Shirt. Heck yeah Paul, Representin'!! Also, Thanks for sharing your fun pics, I appreciate that very much.


Over at the Official CHIP KIDD Website they recently posted an awesome BATMAN TATTOO ART Photo that is based on the BAT-MANGA Japanese Comic Book Bat-Logo & it's really great! This tattoo is on the leg of a guy named Marcio, who lives in Rio de Janeiro, and I gotta say it's really cool. I like it a lot!

CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight Rises and Joker!


Here's a fun post sharing some pictures sent to us all the way from the UK! This is a JACK NICHOLSON JOKER Art Bust Statue painted by a Bat-Blog Fan named Lee. Like I said he lives in England and also likes to be creative every now & then. Well, he recently painted this "Mike Hill Sculpt" of the Joker and it's pretty amazing! The detailing is really nice. He said he, "added that fake flower later", and I think it really accents the piece nicely, great job Lee!

June 21, 2012

Desmond's 2012 DENVER COMIC CON Adventure!

Last weekend was the very 1st Annual DENVER COMIC CON ( Colorado ) and it was a complete success. But, the most important thing was our Little Buddy Desmond got to go and this was his very 1st Superhero event like this. Of course he wore his BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Costume. Which wasn't that far of a stretch because he practically lives in it anyway, ha ha! But, can you imagine his surprise when he got there and saw that there were many other Cosplay Batman Fans all dressed-up just like he was! 

Yes, he had a great time & even got his face painted like Batman too. Oh yeah check this out, his Dad, our Friend Seth, got to meet Michael Uslan who we all know as the Executive Producer for the Batman Movies. He was there promoting THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Film. Now before I go I wanna thank Melissa  for sharing these wonderful photos. I ALWAYS love seeing the Desmond!

BATMAN Abstract Expessionist Painting by David J LeBlanc

Oh yeah, it's time for some sophisticated culture. This is just a quick post to share this beautiful Acrylic Enamel and Collage Painting on canvas created by our Friend & Artist, David J LeBlanc. This is BATMAN done in an Abstract-Expressionist Art Style. Nice composition and great colors. OK, Now how cool is that?!! Also, Please be sure to click on it for a larger, more detailed, photo. Hey, if you wanna see more of David's work then please be sure to click right HERE!


OK, Here at the Bat-Blog we have one gimmick where we post some FREE Batman Backgrounds on a certain day of the week and we call it, "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday"! Which was yesterday, but I was so busy I didn't have time to post so, here we go! Now, I really did want to post these because I'm actually very proud of them. They are all really interesting images for a desktop background but the main reason I like them so much is because they were all contributed by Loyal Bat-Blog Fans who wanted to share some fun pics and their love of the character. So to me, that is very very cool.

The 1st Wallpaper is an AWESOME photo sent-in by our Friend Paul. He recently went to THE TUMBLER TOUR at the National Harbor in Maryland, during the DC tour. In his hand is "The Gotham Times" Newspaper that was sent out during THE DARK KNIGHT 2008 Movie Viral campaign. ( Hey, that's pretty clever! It's like he's a Citizen of Gotham City, ha! ).

Next up is a GREAT Photo all the way from Berlin! It was sent to us from a Friend named "Zerokewl" and it's sort of an Advertising Billboard  for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie he saw at a local German Cinema near him. It's a GIANT-SIZE Wall Poster Mural for the upcoming film, which will start in Germany on July 26th, 2012.

Then, There's this really great image which represents the 1966 Batmobile Car and two other Batman Vehicles. Yeah, the 1960's Bat-Cycle and Bat-Copter! All three of these were at the recent Mega-Show Expo thing in New Jersey and our Friend BatDave got this excellent shot of all 3!

Wow! All 3 of these pictures are totally great and if the Bat-Blog is any good at all then it's because of the wonderful input from Fans & Readers. This post was just a small way for me to say that and also say, "THANKS!"