November 30, 2011

VIDEO - BATMAN RETURNS Movie TV Commercial for Tiger Handheld LCD Game

I think I'm losing my mind because I can't remember if I posted this awesome video before, ha! But either way, here's a fun blast from the past! This is the Vintage TV Commercial for the BATMAN RETURNS ( 1992 Movie ) Tiger Handheld LCD Video Game. I actually have a few of these electronic toys in my personal collection. They're so cheesy... but that's what makes them cool!

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JUSTICE LEAGUE DOOM DVD - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

This week, since there's not been much new hype about it, I thought I'd post some FREE BATMAN WALLPAPERS to celebrate the anticipation of the JUSTICE LEAGUE DOOM DC Universe Animated Film coming out later. This movie looks like it's gonna be cool! Of course the Dark Knight's main Villain in this will be BANE!!

SIDE NOTE: These photos were taken from the WORLD'S FINEST Website & are exclusive to that site. I assumed they were Official Warner Bros Promo Pics but they're not. Sorry about that! THE WORLD'S FINEST is a great website for news on Superhero TV Cartoons & Animated Movies.

November 29, 2011

Video Game News - LEGO BATMAN 2 Will Also Feature Other DC Comics Super Heroes

New Rumor: Here's photo evidence of a new LEGO BATMAN 2 DC SUPER HEROES Video Game that will also feature other characters like: Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. This picture was found by the Lego Toys Fan-Site BRICKTUTS. The game is rumored for a 2012 release, which would coincide with the arrival of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. As reported earlier here at the Bat-Blog.Com, LEGO TOYS also has plans to release many more brand-new BATMAN and DC Comics Superhero Play Sets due to roll out next year. Stay tuned for more info.

VIDEO - Fisher-Price Imaginext BATMAN BATCAVE Play Set TV Commercial!

OK, It might seem like I'm going a little wacky with the "TV Commercial Videos" today but I have a few to share. Plus, they're fun, so here we go! This is a special TV Spot created by Fisher-Price Toys ( Mattel ) for Italian Television. I can't understand what they're saying ( ha ha! ) but it's still cool to see! This new Imaginext BATMAN BATCAVE TOY Play Set looks amazing!

CLICK HERE For More Batman Toys TV Commercial Video!

VIDEO - BATMAN LIVE - Swiss TV Commercial Spot Der Zürich, Switzerland

Check out this cool promo video for BATMAN LIVE: WORLD ARENA TOUR appearing on Swiss Television! Yeah, it's the same TV Spot Commercial that played in the UK, but this one is all in a foreign language! The event promoters have plans to have two shows in Zürich, Switzerland on February 11th & 12th, 2012.

BATMAN LIVE ist das Arena-Spektakel für die ganze Familie. Die Live-Show verbindet die Elemente Akrobatik, Stunts, Illusion, Musik und Schauspiel zu einem mitreissenden Erlebnis für Jung und Alt! Am 11. und 12. Februar im Hallenstadion Zürich.

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November 28, 2011


I just realized the other day that we have not posted any cool Vintage BATMAN Toys in awhile so here we go! SPOILER ALERT: These photos are gonna make you both drool and cry! First up is this Ultra-Rare 1960's ROBIN HAND PUPPET in the original packaging. It was made by Ideal Toys in 1966. This Puppet is kinda hard to find just "loose" but getting it "Mint in Box" is worthy of putting in a Toy Museum!

Next, is another RARE item and it's also kinda fun. This is a 1966 BATMAN AND ROBIN TOY PRIZE Header Card that showed what toy premiums you could win in a Gumball Vending Machine. Wow! They were only 10 cents! I know I would have begged my Mom for a Dime, or two, or three, ha!

Last, but not least, is an ultra super-rare BATMAN TOY that I have to admit, in 20+ years of extremely serious bat-collecting, I have never EVER seen before! This was on evil eBay awhile back and I almost cried when I saw it. It's an extremely weird toy, sort of a thin-plastic BAT-A-RANG on a string! It's shown here still in it's original box & the retro-style graphics are wonderful!! It sold for quite a bit and whoever owns it better take good care of it, ha!

OK, I hope you've enjoyed some of these cool toys. Do YOU have an ultra-rare bat-item or a piece you just completely love? If so, then please shoot us a photo today. Remember: Sharing the love of Collecting BATMAN is what the BAT-BLOG.COM is all about!!

BATMAN FAN? Facebook Member? Come Join The BAT-BLOG.COM Fan Page!

OK, I finally got around to revamping the BAT-BLOG.COM Facebook Fan Page, ha ha! So, if you're a Facebook member and enjoy this website then PLEASE JOIN ( or "Like" ) TODAY!! Here's a link button right here, down below, and in case you want to join later it will always be on the top right-hand side of this website.

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I started to notice a trend in my PC Bat-Folder so I thought I'd do this "Tribute" post about BATMAN Bat-Vehicles! The 1st photo I'm pretty proud of. This is our friend Darren's CUSTOM 1966 BAT-BOAT! Yeah, he's building this thing in his garage and he has been working on it forever. I mean, he's totally MAKING it! Here's a nice shot to show the wonderful progress he's made so far. It looks like he's started work on the Bat-Fin... Cool!

Next up is an extremely RARE 1960's Japanese Tin Toy Airplane BAT-JET owned by our buddy Bat-Cat in Thailand. This guy has some incredible "Museum Quality" type stuff. I totally love the Vintage Graphics on this thing!!

The Ford Mustang "Custom Batmobile" is a photo shared by a friend on Facebook. I don't care WHO you are, you gotta admit that it's a beautiful Masterpiece of ART, ha!

The last photo is kinda fun and goes back to the "Toys Theme". Here's a totally brand-new product that's just come out. This is the Dark Knight BAT-POD Motorcycle Plastic Model Kit by Moebius Models. I have not built a kit in many many years but this one is tempting me, ha!

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November 27, 2011

THE DARK KNIGHT - Strange Mutations

Batman is so cool that it's always a great thing when he is mutated with something else! Here are three wonderful examples: Batman + Sock Monkey = AWESOME! Then, we have the Dynamic Duo of Garden Gnomes, Batman and Robin! Last, here's a rare endangered species... Bat-Bear!! OK, this post was sorta wacky but you gotta admit, it was also kind of fun, ha ha!


OK, I like BATMAN and I love FINE ART so when Artists combine them I'm always in awe. Here are three "Batman-Inspired" photos to share. The 1st one is a High Couture Dress made in Japan. It's so freakin' AWESOME that even I would wear it! As a side note: I have never ever worn ladies things before, ever, I swear! Next up is a fun parody photo showing the Surrealist Artist Salvador Dali dressed as Adam West's Batman ( He would have made a totally great Villain on that TV Show, ha! ). Last, but not least, is this very interesting BATMAN Poster I came across on the web awhile back that has a great "vintage look" about it. It's very well done in a cool Bauhaus-Style, or is it Russian Constructivism? I always get those two confused.

Bruce's BATMAN Bat-Suit Costume Evolution

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a little boy named Bruce who, more than anything, wanted to be the Caped Crusader for Halloween. So, one year his Mom had sewn him a wonderful homemade BATMAN Costume. It was not the most totally accurate Bat-Suit, but it worked and the important thing was that it was made out of love. Well, on that night Bruce vowed he would someday have the very very best BATMAN Bat-Suit ever constructed. Now flash forward to the year 2011, here it is! ( Thanks Bruce for sharing these great pics. Also, Please tell your Mom she did well ).

November 26, 2011

BATMAN HUMOR - Hilarious and Funny Comic Strips!

Here's a quick post to share some totally hilarious BATMAN-RELATED COMIC STRIPS I have collected. The 1st one is from the Syndicated Newspaper BIZARRO Comic Strip. I know this Cartoonist is a HUGE Batman Fan because he does one with our favorite hero every now and then.

Now, I'm not sure who the Artist is on the 2nd one but the concept is great! It goes on the idea of, "What If Batman had been in a different mood while developing the concept of being Batman". It's a great parody on the Golden Age Origin Story!

The 3rd one is directly related to the 1966 BATMAN TV Show. For everybody who knows the trick of how they always filmed the Classic "Wall Climbing Scenes" you'll find this one hilarious! ( See Reference Photo for clues, ha! )

BATMAN ARKHAM CITY - Joker and Harley Quinn Video Game Wallpapers

The other night I was sort of inspired to create a few BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Wallpaper Backgrounds with some cool graphics I found. I still have not got to play this cool Video Game yet and grow more bitter every day, ha! The general theme with these two are "Villains". So, I present, HARLEY QUINN and the Prince of Crime, The JOKER!!
CLICK HERE For More FREE BATMAN ARKHAM CITY Wallpaper Backgrounds of Harley Quinn and the Joker!

BATMAN and MR FREEZE COSPLAY at the 2011 Boston Super Megafest!

A Friend of the BAT-BLOG, named Nick, sent us these wonderful pics of his adventures at the recent Super Megafest in Framingham, Boston. Of course Nick wore his cool "Gaslight By Gotham" Batman Costume and while he was there he ran into other versions of the Dark Knight! Also, see that photo of Nick and Mr. Freeze ( Another amazing costume! ) with the 1966 Batmobile Car, I made that photo a BATMAN WALLPAPER! Click on it to brighten your PC Desktop! ( Thanks for sharing these great pics Nick )
CLICK HERE For More FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds of The 1966 Batmobile Car!


Just a quick post to share this cool 3-D Comic Book Artwork of the Dark Knight in his famous Bat-Cave. It has a very cool optical effect! So, Put Your Old 3-D Glasses On!

November 23, 2011


Check out these awesome graphics by our Buddy Dean Fraser. He's the Graphic Artist known for the popular SPRINGFIELD PUNX website where he makes parodies of famous fictional characters... IF, they were on the Simpsons! Oh yeah, it's a great concept & a very funny idea. This week is "BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY WEEK" at the site. So far he's created BATMAN and HARLEY QUINN. But knowing him he will do every single character that exists in that Video Game. At least, we hope so! Here's a link to check it out, just click here, SPRINGFIELD PUNX! ( Thanks for the heads-up Dean ).


Here's a very well put together video of our Buddy BatDave having the full "Original 1967 BATMAN MOVIE BAT-COPTER Experience" at the NJ State Fair. Oh yeah, every year Helicopter Pilot, Captain Gene Nock makes a few appearances at various locations with his Famous Bat-Copter. This video was shot to sort of share what it's like. Now, I rode a Bell Helicopter like this once ( but NOT the Bat-Copter ) at my local Oklahoma State Fair and I can say that it's pretty amazing! That huge clear plastic bubble gives you an incredible view and the one I rode had a clear-glass floor! It's the closest way you can experience true flight except for maybe hang gliding or parachuting, ha!

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November 22, 2011

Chris' Awesome BATMAN AND JOKER Movie Memorabilia and Toy Collection

Over at our BAT-BLOG Facebook Page we just met a very serious Batman Collector named Chris who was kind enough to share a few photos of his personal collection. His main focus seems to the THE DARK KNIGHT Movie and more recent Batman stuff. He also really likes the Joker! Hey, who doesn't?! He's got some really great stuff here. My favorite piece is that BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Video Game Store Display Standee with Harley Quinn... Awesome! He also has some cool Movie Posters, Action Figures, Graphic Novels, T-Shirts, and even a JOKER Replica Costume ( Heath Ledger version ) that looks pretty sweeeet! Thanks Chris!!

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - EMPIRE Magazine Reveals Their Special Duel-Covers with Batman and Bane!

EMPIRE Magazine, the other day, revealed what the special dual covers of their exclusive coverage of "THE DARK KNIGHT RISES" movie will look like! One has Actor Christian Bale as BATMAN and the other, Tom Hardy as BANE! They will also feature exclusive interviews with Director Christopher Nolan and others. Plus, the publication will have many EXCLUSIVE 1st PHOTOS. The contents inside both magazines are the same, just different covers. Yes, they're making Collectors buy two of the same issue, ha! But that's fun and I gotta say that between the two my favorite is Batman. Which one will you get? Or, will you get them both?