September 30, 2011


This quick post is a collection of funny pictures that revolve around the idea of Batman being mutated with other well-known Cartoon Characters. The examples include a T-Shirt Design with Winnie The Pooh & Piglet as the Dynamic Duo, ha! A reinterpretation of the Golden Age Batman origin story, but instead of a BAT crashing through the window of Wayne Manor it just happens to be a Pokemon creature, ha! Then, last but not least, is a Custom-Made Action Figure showing Patrick, from the Spongebob Squarepants Show, as the Dark Knight, ha!!

BATMAN AND ROBIN TALK - Rare Interview with 1970's Live-Action Stage Show Actors

Over at the Noblemania website our friend Marc has been very busy covering the Classic 1970's TV Show "Legends of the Superheroes" & tracking down all the Actors from this event. He recently interviewed James Rebhorn ( Batman ) and Gary Metriott ( Robin ) who performed as the Dynamic Duo back then. It's a RARE interview & a nice piece of Bat-History. here's a link to check it out, just click HERE!

September 29, 2011

NEW BATMAN TOYS - DC Heroes Skelanimals Jae Plushes

Towards the end of 2011, around December, be sure to keep an eye out for DC HEROES Skelanimals JAE Plush Toys with a "Batman" Theme! There will be 2 different Plush Dolls ( One Deluxe & one Regular ) and even a Mini Clip-On Toy. We're showing the "Deluxe Version" Plush & the Clip-On Toy in our photos up above. The 3 toys will range in price from $10.00 to $28.00.

Fashion - Tokyo Girls Who Love Batman!

According to a blog named TOKYO FASHION it seems that BATMAN Themed T-Shirts are now all the rage in Japan, that's awesome! They recently did a post that features many cute Japanese Girls wearing the DARK KNIGHT Gear. Here's a link to check them out, just click HERE!


Yesterday, we did a post ( Part One ) that celebrated the Batman and Joker Toys & Statue Collection of a friend to the Bat-Blog, named Niko. He lives in France and is a very serious BATMAN Toy Collector. Well, this is "Part Two". It's focus is on a Display Case that appears to have been built-in to a wall ( See the 2nd photo ). All the other pics show the collected items on each shelf. The collection is very eclectic with a lot of variety so it's really fun to see. There are some Batman and Joker Statues, Lego Toys, McDonalds Happy Meal Toys, DC Direct & Mattel Action Figures, UK Eaglemoss Figures, Animated Series Diecast Vehicles by ERTL , Some CORGI Toy Cars & much much more! ( Thanks Again Niko! )

September 28, 2011

New 2011 BATMAN ARKHAM CITY - SERIES ONE - DC Direct Action Figures

Here's some cool new Batman Toys to keep an eye out for in the future. DC Direct has just announced the 1st wave of Action Figures for the BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Video Game. SERIES ONE will include Batman ( Bruce Wayne ), Robin ( Tim Drake ), and Harley Quinn. Just in time for Christmas, look for these around December 21st, 2011.


A Bat-Blog Fan named Melissa was kind enough to share a photo of her extremely awesome CATWOMAN Tattoo she recently got. She said it's on her lower leg and took 5 hours to ink, OUCH! But the Tattoo Artist did an amazing job on it. I really like the coloring & the shadow work is done really well. Now, some people might recognize the original art for this and it has been altered a little bit. In this version, Catwoman's leg is resting on top of hood to Adam West's 1966 Batmobile... very cool & a nice addition! ( Thanks for sharing this Melissa, you ROCK! )
CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight Rises and Joker!


Getting to meet Batman Fans & Toy Collectors from all around the world is my favorite part of working on the Bat-Blog. Here's a perfect example, these photos were sent in by a new friend to the site named Niko. He lives in France & is a very serious Bat-Collector. In fact, I'm breaking this post down into three parts because there were so many pics & Niko's collection is HUGE! But, this is cool because we get to see a lot of neat stuff. He really seems to like the collectibles made by DC Direct, we're talking Action Figures & Statues. Also, besides Batman Niko really loves the Joker, that's cool. But there is also a nice variety of other items as well. Maybe I'm being small minded but I'm always amazed at the Dark Knight's popularity in far-away countries. That's completely AWESOME! ( Thanks to Niko for sharing these fun photos )

September 27, 2011


While surfing through the SUPERHERO STUFF website the other night, to see what brand-new Batman products there are out there, I came across these super brand-new BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY T-Shirts. Of course they feature graphics from the video game. Some of them focus on the logo or other generic graphic art, while the others revolve around Bat-Villains like Catwoman, The Riddler, Harley Quinn & The Joker. There is even one with the new ROBIN Character. For more information CLICK HERE!

New BATMAN BABY BOOKS at Family Dollar Stores!

Our favorite Bat-Reporter, BATMOBILLY, spotted some very cool BATMAN Toddler Baby Books recently at a FAMILY DOLLAR Store! I think he said they were about 6 pages deep & the pages are very thick so they're safe for tiny children's hands. The artwork on these look pretty awesome! And at $1.00 each they're not a bad deal. Please be sure to click on the above photo for a larger, more detailed, version. ( Thanks Batmobilly!! )

BATMAN FAST FOOD TOYS - Justice League Unlimited - Bobbing-Head Heroes 2

HEY KIDS! Check Out These Cool New Toys!! Right now, if you go to an Arby's Restaurant, they have a new KIDS MEAL promoting JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED Bobbing-Head Heroes 2. There are 6 Toy Premiums to collect: Batman, The Joker, Superman, Supergirl, Solomon Grundy, & Lex Luthor. Basically they are "Paper Toy Figures" you put together. I guess I should note that if you don't want to buy the food then most locations will sell the toys separately. Yeah, you know which two I'm gonna buy, ha ha!

September 25, 2011

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - Anne Hathaway in Her NEW CATWOMAN Costume with Bat-Pod

This is just a very quick post to share a few brand-new photos shot during the filming of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman movie showing Anne Hathaway in her new Catwoman Costume getting ready to take a ride on the Bat-Pod Motorcycle. MEOW!!


Finally! Photos of Actress Anne Hathaway in her Official CATWOMAN Body-Suit Costume have finally surfaced!! These were taken on a recent film shoot. Yes, this is how she will appear in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES movie & I think the catsuit looks AWESOME! It's sort of a combination of both the modern-day comic book, plus a nod to the 1960's TV Show Julie Newmar. I like it, what do you think?