December 31, 2010

Randy's Awesome BATMAN TOY COLLECTION Photos!

The Bat-Blog is mostly ALL ABOUT the joys of collecting Batman. We're talking about old vintage toys and brand-new merchandise. So, when we got these "Batman Toy Collection" photos in our email the other day we were pretty excited! This amazing assortment of bat-collectibles belongs to our friend Randy. He not only has a great collection but he has displayed it very well too. Just check out the photos & you'll see. As a side note: I'm asking you to please click on the pictures because then you'll get a larger closer view & will be able to see most of the stuff way better. Plus, I gotta warn you, you'll be drooling for days! ( Thanks Randy for the cool pics )


This Bat-Blog post is a request to ask for your vote. Our friend, Elise "Harley Quinn" Archer, is participating in a contest right now at the Top Geek website. She has entered in her other persona known as "Harley Quinn" ( see the above photos ). She's the only person in the contest supporting the Batman character so we really want her to win! Plus, she deserves to win because her acting skills & cosplay costume is really really great! Be sure to check out the video down below for a better idea on this. Then, please CLICK HERE & vote for her today, thank you!

December 30, 2010

GOTHAM CITY 14 MILES - Batman Essay Book Now on Sale!

The New 1966 BATMAN TV Show History Book "Gotham City 14 Miles: 14 Essays on Why the 1960s Batman TV Series Matters" has finally hit the shelves & if you're having a hard time finding it then here's one way to get it, just click HERE! Now, it's also available at you friendly neighborhood comic book shop. The store owner just needs to order it ( if they don't already have it ) through Diamond Distributing. The basic premise of the book is 14 different stories about how the '66 TV Show was important to the over-all history of Batman... a great read!

Exclusive Product - 1966 Batmobile Model Kit Signed by George Barris

Here's some important BATMAN TOYS news! Over at the Auto World Store they are offering an EXCLUSIVE Product that many Batman Toy Collectors might enjoy. They're selling the Polar Lights 1966 Batmobile Car Model Kit 1/32 Scale ( The One in the Embossed Collector Tin ) Autographed by the Designer of the Custom Car, George Barris! Yes, the King of Kustoms!! It looks like the cost is around $63, which isn't too bad. If you wanna check it out & need more info then just click HERE!

News Video - Kim Jong Il Ends Nuclear Program For Lead In Next BATMAN Film

As reported from The ONION NEWS Network here is an important story about Kim Jong Il, the leader of North Korea. Apparently he really really wants to play Batman in the next BATMAN Movie. So much so that he's will to give-up his Nuclear Program to get the role.

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December 29, 2010

VIDEO - BATMAN ON FAMILY FEUD - MAD The Animated Series Humor

Here's a totally hilarious skit they did on the new MAD, THE ANIMATED SERIES cartoon that I missed & was happy to find on YouTube. It's called "BATMAN FAMILY FEUD". Enjoy!
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BATMAN COSPLAY & VINTAGE 80's TOYS - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

This week's "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" is made-up of some Batman Backgrounds sent in by two very cool Bat-Blog Fans! The 1st one features a group of Batman Cos-Players in New Jersey known as "The BatSquad!" In costume, we see Batman, Batgirl, Catwoman and Robin... Now, that's serious fandom! The next pic was a photo shot by our friend Stephen of SMJART.COM. These are some older vintage Batman toys from around 1989. I think they were made to capitalize on the Tim Burton BATMAN movie craze. I remember these, they're great! They were very BIG Vinyl Figures of Batman, Robin, & Joker made by a toy company called Applause. The cool thing was that they went with a "retro comic book" look. ( I have the 2 Crime Fighters but I'm missing the Villain, ha ha! ) Now, when I say "BIG", they were around 13" tall, maybe a little bigger, & came with a display stand to hold them up. So, what do you think about these wallpapers? Love them? Hate them? I think they're kinda fun & I wanna thank the people who submitted them.
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December 28, 2010

BATMAN BATMOBILE PARODY - 80's Garbage Pail Kids Trading Card

OK, if you're a Batman Fan then you're gotta totally love this hilarious graphic, even if you hate Garbage Pail Kids, ha ha! This non-sport trading card was part of a series put out by TOPPS in 1986. It features a character named "MATT Mobile", ha! I love the parody on the Vintage 1966 Batmobile & Adam West-style costume. Plus, it looks like he is bursting right out of the Batcave & into Gotham City! The 1st pic shows the actual trading card. Then, the next group of pictures show the preliminary sketch, color test, & original completed artwork... beautiful!

Photos - BATMAN COLLECTIBLES - Water Snow Globes

Check out these amazing Batman Snow Globes! These pics were sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan named Kevin ( Please be sure to click on them for more detailed photos ). I'm not sure if he got these as Christmas gifts the other day or he has been collecting them awhile. Either way, they're really great! The 1st two are sort of related to the "Batman: The Animated Series" cartoon. One has Mr. Freeze & the other shows Two-Face getting punched after robbing a bank, ha! I have always loved that TV show so I really like these. Well, the last one is more "Comic Book" related, but it's equally as cool! It shows Batman at his parent's grave site & it's more emotional than the other ones. A special thanks goes out to Kevin for sharing his photos, "You ROCK! Sir!"

December 27, 2010

HOT TOYS Announces New 1989 BATMAN Movie Figures - Jack Nicholson JOKER & Michael Keaton

YES! I have some really great toy news to share & I am totally excited! HOT TOYS just announced the other day that they finally got the rights from Jack Nicholson to make the 1989 BATMAN Movie JOKER Figure so now they're going full steam on the project. Toy Collectors around the world already know the insane quality of these dolls, I mean Figures, and are drooling in anticipation! They're obviously going to make a BATMAN Figure ( Michael Keaton version ) but let's all hope they also produce a "BOB The Goon"!

Coastal BATMAN REDEMPTION Vending Machine Game

OK, everybody should already know about this Coastal "Batman Redemption" Vending Machine Game because we reported on it here at the Bat-Blog before it even came out. But, here's an interesting "sales brochure" video I found the other day. It shows the game in action & it's even cooler in person, check it out! ( I want one of these for my bathroom or kitchen )

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December 26, 2010

60's GREEN HORNET Meets Batman's Adam West!

Since the new GREEN HORNET Movie is in full-swing I thought I would post this vintage photo of the original 1960's Green Hornet TV Show. This is a promo pic showing the Actor Van Williams ( in full costume ) presenting a Halloween Trick-or-Trick Bag to Batman's Adam West... Classic!

Auto World's BATMAN TV 1966 BATMOBILE - The JOKER'S CHALLENGE Electric Racing Slot Car Set

If you're a long time reader of the Bat-Blog then you're already familiar with this incredible new bat-product coming out next January 2011. We were one of the very 1st websites to report on it & we have been crazy for it ever since. We're talking about the Auto World JOKER'S CHALLENGE Electric Racing Slot Car Set with the 1966 Batmobile! Well, here are some official photos of the actual box design & it's different than the ones we featured before, which were "prototype pics". I gotta say, the new packaging design is way better & I love that the graphic of the 1966 Batmobile Car is so prominent. It's really BIG & looks extremely cool. Also, another thing this toy company does is they sell the huge play set with both slot cars & track. Then, they also sell the slot cars individually. Well, shown here is the packaging for that too. The last photo is a "prototype pic" of the Batmobile. Oh man, I'm really gonna have to get all this stuff, ha ha!
CLICK HERE To Visit The TFAW Website For '66 Batman TV Show AUTO WORLD 1966 Batmobile Slot Car Set!

Ivan's NEW Vintage-Style BATMAN T-SHIRT Retro 1970's Graphics

Here's a quick post to share a nice photo sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan from Italy. This is Ivan & here is a Batman T-Shirt that he just bought in an Italian Store. Yes, BATMAN is popular enough in Italy that they actually market products there... and that is so AWESOME! I also think it's cool that the graphics look very retro-style. Check out the Bat-Logo, just like the comic books from the 1970's & 80's. I wanna thank Ivan for sharing his pic. Plus, if any other readers from outside the US come across ANY brand-new pieces of bat-merchandise then please let us know.

December 23, 2010

PLEASE REMEMBER TOYS FOR TOTS - Children's Charity Still Needs Donations!

This post is just a friendly reminder that the TOYS FOR TOTS organization is going strong but still needs donations for this year's Christmas! Please help some unfortunate children have a good holiday, if you're out xmas shopping today please remember to buy a few extra toys ( think "boy & girl" ) & drop them off at a TOYS FOR TOTS location. I know they have donation boxes at Toys-R-Us. Plus, you can check out their website for many more, just click HERE! Thank you & Happy Holidays!!

Don's BATMAN Christmas Tree Ornament Collection

Shown here are some wonderful photos of a very nice collection of Batman-related Christmas Tree Ornaments. They were sent in by our friend Don & to give you an idea of the size of his tree we also get to meet Ayden & Jake. They usually get to help decorate the tree & they really enjoy it, it's a lot of fun! Plus, if you check out the photos they did a wonderful job! I wanna thank Don for thinking about the Bat-Blog & sending us these cool pics. Plus, I want to wish Ayden, Jake, & all our other readers the very best holiday season ever!

December 22, 2010

BATMAN LIVE - Super Villain Wallpaper Backgrounds

Every Wednesday, here at the BAT-BLOG.COM, we have "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!" So, be sure to visit every week for brand-new BATMAN-themed Backgrounds & also dig through our BAT-ARCHIVES ( located at the far left-hand side of this page, near the middle ) to see many many more! This week I thought I would post a few I made the other night that were inspired by the new BATMAN LIVE Arena Show that will start in the UK. I used some comic book art by Jim Lee of a few Super-Villains that will appear in the play. We have The Joker ( with his Girlfriend, Harley Quinn ), The Penguin, & even The Riddler! Also, please remember to be sure to share the BAT-BLOG.COM with all your friends. In other words, tell everybody you know about this website!
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Custom Design BATMAN BAT-SYMBOL Coffee Table

Oh yeah! I saw this on the internet the other night & knew it had to be shared, because it's pretty freakin' cool! This is a custom designed BATMAN Coffee Table. It features the BAT-SYMBOL LOGO on both sides. It also looks like it is made from concrete or stone granite but I don't think it is. I think it's just painted to look that way, to be sort of "Industrial". In other words, I bet it's not as heavy as it looks, ha! So, have you seen any Batman-inspired furniture or interior design lately? Maybe you have done some cool decorating? Well, either way please shoot us an email & let us know about it.

New BATMAN ARKHAM CITY Video Game Screenshots

We all know about the next Batman Video Game called "Batman: Arkham City". So, I won't get into that, but I'll just show you these ultra-fresh screenshots from the UK! They show the Dark Knight in battle with some Joker Goons... AWESOME! Oh man, I can't wait till this comes out! Please be sure to click on these pics because the larger versions are way more cool.

December 21, 2010

Video - Vintage 1989 BATMAN VHS Movie TV Commercial Ad

This is just great! I don't remember this ad specifically, but it's still nostalgic. Plus, you got a free pin! It's funny that VHS tape movies cost $20 back then & are now often $1 or less used.

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Photo Reference - BATMAN Memorabilia & Collectibles From Argentina

Just as the title of this post says, Here are some Reference Photos of Official BATMAN Memorabilia & Collectibles From Argentina. I also gotta say that these are all fully-licensed. Why do I say that? Well, if you visit an "online auction service" right now, & search for "Batman Argentina", you'll find a ton of really bad bootleg ( stuff people make in their garages ) merchandise. It's kinda sad & I just wanted to warn people about it. Some of it looks really good & that's kind of scary. Now, here's the deal on this real stuff: The 1st photo is a BATMAN Comic Book Reprint from the 1950's. Yes, it's made in a weird "sideways" format. But it's an officially licensed product & very cool. Plus, it's from the 50's!! The next pic shows three BATMAN Promo Glasses that came out during the 1989 movie. These were cross-promoted with Orange CRUSH Soft Drink. The last photo is a magazine titled "Eneracion X". It's from 1995 & features a story on U2's music in the Batman Movie Soundtrack. Yes, that's Bono on the cover, as the Devil! Now, don't all of these look like something that would be hard to reproduce? I'm not trying to lecture people. I'm just asking everyone to please use common sense & do not support these evil bootleggers.

December 20, 2010

New BATMAN Collectibles - Character Bandz

OK, you might have seen your 11 year old nephew wearing these. They're called BANDZ & basically they're fun jewelry for kids. They are rubber-bracelets made in the shapes of popular cartoon & comic book characters. Here are a few different packages to buy that are Batman-related: Bat-Vehicles, Bat-Symbols, & Villains. I've seen these at Target for around $4.00 a package. I really like the design of the packaging, great graphics! I also think these would make nice Christmas stocking stuffers. ( Thanks to The BATFAN for sending the cool photos )