June 25, 2009


As a serious Batman Toy Collector one of the things I enjoy focusing on is the "weird & wacky" items! Mainly because it's fun but also because, later, these items become very desirable & kinda RARE. Here's a good example of a brand-new product that is just starting to hit the stores & one to look out for. It's BATMAN ICE CREAM! It's actually a cherry-flavored treat that, when licked, produces 2 white gumballs, ha ha! Yes, Batman has gumballs for eyes ( In the photo up above, showing the gumball eyes, I like how the Dark Knight seems to have a super-surprised look on his face, ha ha! ). This new food product is made by the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Company. The wrapper has some excellent graphics from the Batman: The Brave and The Bold TV Show ( Airs on Friday Nights, The Cartoon Network ). I remember a few years ago Blue Bunny Inc. marketed this exact same ice cream treat for the Batman: The Animated Series. I have that wrapper & a store display sign used by shops to advertise this product. I guess the company kept the same mold & is using it again, that's cool.


ozz said...

What a dilemna for Bat collectors who like ice cream! Do you keep in the freezer forever to preserve it, or do you just eat it? It's pretty hot out right now, and some ice cream would totally hit the spot!

ozz said...

Hey, isn't Blue Bunny one of the Batman's little sidekicks on this show?

Oh, it's Blue Beetle?

My bad.

Anonymous said...

that is amazing

Jay Amabile said...

I want to try one of these sooo bad!